World's Wristwrestling Championship
Petaluma, California
October 12, 2002



2002 World’s Wristwrestling Championships

Petaluma, California October 12th

Grand Masters Right 0--165: Steve Jeffryes/ Will Johnson

Grand Masters Right 166-198: Charles Hughes/ Ed Rust

Grand Masters Right 199+: Joe Ramirez/ Skip Sheldon/ Mike Grubbs/ Manuel Serpa

Masters Left 0-165: Victor Torres/ Tom Hassey

Masters Left 166-198: Tony Villa/ Zbigniew Bugaj

Masters Left 199-220: Tony Villa/ Don Fritsche

Masters Left 221+: Steve Phipps/ "Conan"/ Chris Futhey/ Bill Nelson

Masters Right 0-165: Vern Martel/ Greg Cox

Masters Right 166-198: Eric Wolfe/ Lee Ecclesfield/ Bill Collins/ Zbigniew Bugaj

Masters Right 199-220: Don Fritsche/ Jed Hughes/ Skip Topie

Masters Right 221+: Steve Phipps/ Chris Futhey/ Dennis Wigner/ "Conan"

Men's Amateur Left 0-154: Jason Murphy/ Cliff Dolchok/ Victor Torres/ Michael Cocchi

Men's Amateur Left 155-176: Joey Vierra/ Jarrod Cash/ Scott Nelson/ Tom Esaka

Men's Amateur Left 177-198: Jon Parton/ Kevin Callaway/ Zbigniew Bugaj

Men's Amateur Left 199-242: Eddie Varguez/ John Shaw/ Casey Szparaga/ Gus Sarlie

Men's Amateur Left 243+: Pete Wabuda/ Bob Shaffer/ "Conan"/ "Stretch"

Men's Amateur Right 0-154: Michael Cocchi/ Brad Thomas/ Victor Torres/ Cliff Dolchok

Men's Amateur Right 155-176: Joey Vierra/ Jarrod Cash/ Ryan Weaver/ Scott Nelson

Men's Amateur Right 177-198: Ronnie Toschi/ Wes Bradford/ Derrick Webb/ Kevin Callaby

Men's Amateur Right 199-242: Scott Sheldon/ Casey Szparaga/ Ronnie Toschi/ Eddie Varguez

Men's Amateur Right 243+: Bob Shaffer/ "Stretch"/ "Conan"/ Ed Miller

Ladies Pro Right 0-121: Longina Bigaj/ Melanie Ryden

Ladies Pro Right 122-143: Kelli Holmes/ Longina Bugaj

Ladies Pro Right 144+: Kathy Hughes/ Kelli Nelson/ Brandi Grubbs/ Tammy Jones

Men's Pro Left 0-154: Kenny Hughes/ Devin Bair/ Rick Soliwoda/ Mike McGraw

Men's Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ John Parton/ Harold Ryden

Men's Pro Left 177-198: Scott Fleming/ John Wilson/ Robbie Topie/ Luke Reimer

Men's Pro Left 199-242: Jon Land/ Alan Tresser/ Luke Reimer/ Tony Shaw

Men's Pro Left 243+: Eric Woelfel/ Bob Shaffer/ "Conan"/ Luke Reimer

Men's Pro Right 0-132: Simon Berriochoa/ Sean Town/ Roman Bugaj

Men's Pro Right 133-154: Vern Martel/ Kenny Hughes/ Mike McGraw/ Rick Steffens

Men's Pro Right 155-176: Randy Weaver/ Kenny Hughes/ Lee Ecclesfield/ Jarrod Cash

Men's Pro Right 177-198: Scott Fleming/ Kenny Hughes/ Luke Reimer/ David Owens

Men's Pro Right 199-242: Jon Land/ Chris Futhey/ Luke Reimer/ Tonu Shaw

Men's Pro Right 243+:Eric Woelfel/ Bob Shaffer/ Dennis Wigner/ John Shaw

Team Champions: "Masters Club" Captain - Steve Phipps



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