World's Wristwrestling Championship
Petaluma, California
October 13, 2001



50th Annual World’s Wristwrestling Championships Results

October 13, 2001  

Grand Masters Right Hand 0-165: Jim Wright/ Dick Ingwaldson/ Ian Stanton

Grand Masters Right 166-198: Jim Wright/ John Burgeson/ Ed Rust/ Dick Ingwaldson

Grand Masters Right 199+: Mike Grubbs/ Dick Ingwaldson/ Manuel Serpa/ Joe Churucca  

Masters Left 0-165: Victor Torres/ Ian Stanton/ Jim Wright/ Tom Hassey

Masters Left 166-198: Tony Villa/ John Parton/ Mike Beggs/ Jim Wright

Masters Left 199+: Steve Phipps/ Mike Bowling/ Chris Futhey/ Ed Hoffman  

Masters Right 0-165: Steve Myers/ Allen Crowder/ Lee Ecclesfield

Masters Right 166-198: Bill Collins/ John Parton/ Mike Beggs/ Randy Weaver

Masters Right 199+: Steve Phipps/ Mike Bowling/ Tim Davis/ Ed Hoffman  

Men's Amateur Left 0-154: Tony Beggs/ Jason Murphy/ Dan Harris/ Victor Torres

Men's Amateur Left 155-176: Harold Ryden/ John Burgeson/ John Marshall/ Michael Cocchi

Men's Amateur Left 177-198: Shane Alger/ John Stanton/ Mark Shaffer/ Andy Beggs

Men's Amateur Left 199-242: Tom Nelson/ Donovan Hutchings/ James Burke/ Eddie Varguez

Men's Amateur Left 243+: “Stretch”/ Dan Perez/ Bob Shaffer/ Conan  

Men's Amateur Right 0-154: Yasuaki Murata/ Tony Beggs/ Victor Torres/ Jason Murphy

Men's Amateur Right 155-176: Mike Muller/ Ricky Beach/ Michael Cocchi/ Jim Price             

Men's Amateur Right 177-198: Mark Shaffer/ John Stanton/ Randy Weaver/ Shane Alger

Men's Amateur Right 199-242: Ralph Varguez/ Nizor Kassis/ Steve Carbone/ James Burke

Men's Amateur Right 243+: “Stretch”/ Bob Shaffer/ Conan/ Carey Nick  

Ladies Pro Right 0-121: Judy Dodd/ Tonya Wood/ Jessica Savoy

Ladies Pro Right 122-143: Judy Dodd/ Theresa Ebert/ Laurie Lewis/ Maggie Lynaugh

Ladies Pro Right 144-176: Tammy Jones/ Kathy Hughes

Ladies Pro Right 177+: Cynthia Yerby/ Kim Weber  

Men's Pro Left 0-132: Jerome Moore/ Davie Jones/ Chris Coletti/ Bubba Savoy

Men's Pro Left 133-154: Dave Hicks/ Devin Bair/ Karl Wiggins/ Tony Beggs

Men's Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ David Owens/ Bob Brown/ Greg Helm

Men's Pro Left 177-198: John Brzenk/ Kenny Hughes/ Jason Remer/ Tony Villa

Men's Pro Left 199-242: John Brzenk/ Erekle Gurchiani/ Mike Bowling/ Rett Houdek

Men's Pro Left 243+: Eric Woelfel/ John Brzenk/ Steve Phipps/ Ed Hoffman  

Men's Pro Right 0-132: Jerome Moore/ Davie Jones/ Simon Berriochoa/ Greg Gray

Men's Pro Right 133-154: Dave Hicks/ Karl Wiggins/ Devin Bair/ Joshua Wright

Men's Pro Right 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Tom Schaewe/ Bob Brown/ Greg Helm

Men's Pro Right 177-198: John Brzenk/ Jason Remer/ Michael Todd/ Robbie Topie

Men's Pro Right 199-242: John Brzenk/ Erekle Gurchiani/ Mike Bowling/ Rett Houdek

Men's Pro Right 243+: John Brzenk/ Eric Woelfel/ Ed Hoffman/ Conan  

Best Sportsmanship Award: Carey Nick

Team Results:

1st - Masters Club  - Team Captain  Steve Phipps - 57 points

2nd - Great White North - Team Captain  David Hicks - 55 points

3rd - Team California - Team Captain Eric Woelfel - 47 points



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