Arm Wrestling Results

Men’s Pro Right 0-132 lbs.

1st-       Lyle Foster

2nd     Aaron Downing

3rd-       Brandon Dugger


Men’s Pro Right 133-154 lbs.

1st-       Corey Miller

2nd-      David “Buddy” Damiano

3rd-       Joe Chandler


Men’s Pro Right 155-176 lbs.

1st-       Corey Miller

2nd-      Brian Harmeyer

3rd-       Kelly Manor


Men’s Pro Right 177-198 lbs.

1st-       Chris Chandler

2nd-      T.J. Woods

3rd-       Lyle Clarke


Men’s Pro Right 199-242 lbs.

1st-       Chris Chandler

2nd-      Travis Davis

3rd-       Cat Castro

Kid’s Ages 5-6

1st-       Carless Looney

2nd-      Billy Davis

3rd-       Kati Mooney


Kid’s Ages 7-9

1st-       Chris Russell

2nd-      Jerry Looney

3rd-       Jaden Storm


Kid’s Ages 10-12

1st-       Matt Child

2nd     Jade Leonhardt

3rd-       Luke Leonhardt


Teen’s Ages 13-15

1st-       Brandon Duggan

2nd-      Booker McIntyre

3rd-       Rick Deephouse


Teen’s Ages 16-18

1st-       Jaron Janack

2nd-      Joe Chandler

3rd-       Kyle Child


Men’s Pro Left 0-154 lbs.

1st-       David “Buddy” Damiano

2nd-      Ryan Hughes


Men’s Pro Left 155- 176 lbs.

1st-       Blaine Lawrence

2nd-      Brian Van Stee

3rd-       Clinton Beech


Men’s Pro Left 177-198 lbs.

1st-       Chris Chandler

2nd-      T.J. Woods

3rd-       Lyle Clarke


Men’s Pro Left 199-242 lbs.

1st-       Travis Davis

2nd-      Chris Chandler

3rd      John Shipes


Men’s Pro Left 243+ lbs.

1st-       Steve Muller

2nd-      John Shipes


Novice Right 0-154 lbs.

1st-       Brandon Hildreth

2nd-      Kyle Child

3rd-       Ryan Hughes


Novice Right 155-176 lbs.

1st-       Clinton Beech

2nd-      Brian Van Stee


Novice Right 177-198 lbs.

1st-       David Damiano II

2nd-      T.J. Wood

3rd-       Brad Sherman


Novice Right 199+ lbs.

1st-       Steve Miller

2nd-      David Damiano Sr.

3rd      Jason Ujvary


Master’s Right 199+

1st-       John Shipes

2nd-      David Damiano Sr.

3rd-       John Huston


Right Hand Overall Champion- Corey Miller

Left Hand Overall Champion-  Steve Muller 



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