2005 West Coast Pro-Am 
Armwrestling Championship 



Grand Master 166-198    4 Competitors
John Burgeson
John Gonzales
Ed Johnson
Mike Burgeson
Masters 200+    4 Competitors
Don Mclary
Ed wucher
Lee Ecclesfield
Men's Right open 0-154   4 Competitors
Chris Phillips
Steve Surber
David Mahar
Men's Right open 155-176    8 Competitors
Allen Fisher
Simon Berriochoa
Sebastion Lopez
Men's Right open 177-198    5 Competitors
Bill Brzenk
Aron Mejla
Scott Partington
Men's Right open 200+   4 Competitors
Brian Bylbie
Richard Chacon
Les Zollman
Men's Left open 0-165   4 Competitors
John Burgeson II
Luke Kirdt
Men's Left open 166-199   4 Competitors
Scott Partington
Aron Mejla
Harold Ryden
Men's Left open 200+   3 Competitors
John Bergstrom
Aron Mejla
Chad Fleming
Men's Right Amateur 155-176   6 Competitors
Jaime Sheldon
Aron Smith
Men's Right Amateur 177-199   8 Competitors
Richard Smith
Matt Busickio
Jeff Thomas
Men's Right Amateur 200+   9 Competitors
Jeff Darant
Richard Chacon
Tom Reynolds
Men's Right Amateur 166-199   5 Competitors
Richard Smith
John Burgeson II
Joseph Veres
Men's Right Amateur 166-199   6 Competitors
Richard Chacon
Chad Fleming
Ed Shelton
Overall Champion
Allen Fisher
West Coast had 74 entrees THANK YOU, thanks to all of the Armwrestlers who entered.
There were over a hundred spectators that stayed to the end of the tournament having a great time enjoying the sport of Armwrestling consuming lots of food and cold drinks.
Thank you Route 66 Classic Grill for providing a great place to have a tournament the food was great but the beer was better.
The tournament started late about 3:15 pm but open Big with Ken Christianson singing the National Anthem (THANK YOU Ken) all eyes were on the American Flag held up Bills Welding and Crane Service Crane this year the flag was much smaller due the winds that were predicted.
The tournament Raised approximately $3,000.00 benefiting the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita thanks to all that predicated and are great sponsors:

Legacy Academy


Great American Backyard

T & D Electric

Bill’s Welding and Crane Service

G.E. Construction

R.C. Becker and Son

Bright Maintenance Service

Bright Aquatic

Oakridge Landscape

American Builder Supply

Stumbaugh & Associates

Marrota Tile

Gus’ Tools Inc.

Cook Overhead Garage Doors

Boston-Henry Company

Rick Franklin Construction, Inc.

Allan E. Seward Engineering Geology

Appliances Unlimited

Air Masters, Inc.


Gary Roberts did a great job filming and helping with the raffle that also raised money for Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita there were allot of great raffle prizes.


The tournament was also filmed by Univission  television production Company  (THANK YOU Univission)  and will air sometime this year the air date will be posted on Armwrestling.com


John GUIDO Stanton did a great job announcing the brackets and made the tournament go smooth.


Joan Burgeson and Ginger Collins handled the brackets perfectly I have never been to a tournament that run so smooth.


Bill Collins, John Burgeson II and myself were the referees and I must say we did a great job but the main reason is the Armwrestlers everyone set up great the only problem was my son John gave me a elbow foul during one of my matches I told him he needed glasses can you imagine myself elbow fouling the ungrateful kid. (that are why tigers eat there young)


Bill and Ginger put allot of work into this tournament the table, bracket sheets, the insurance requirements and much more THANK YOU Bill and Ginger.


Domestic Violence helped staff the event doing what ever needed doing THANK YOU. 


There was no money for the winners but the awards had a rock base with metal armwrestler figures I was proud to win one it will look great in my trophies case. the tournament ended around 6:30 pm and allot of people stayed several hours after talking and having a good time. 


THANK YOU Dave Devoto for posting this tournament on you web site and all your help, Thanks Gary Roberts for filming and posting on ARM TV. (I WANT MY ARM TV)


John Burgeson



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