2nd Annual

PA Winter Blast Armwrestling Results

Brady's Irish Pub, Bensalem, PA

January 22, 2005


Men’s Open

Men's Right 0 - 176

 1) Ron Klemba   2)  Jon Vinikoor   3)  Darius Sypalis


Men's Right 177-198

 1)  Ron Klemba   2)  Steve Shoemaker  3) James Fisher  


Men's Right 221 & Up

 1)  Tom Bresnan   2)  Brian Eldridge              3)  Marc Fischer


Men's Left 0 -176

 1)  Ron Klemba   2)  Darius Sypalis   3)  Jon Vinikoor


Men's Left 177-198

 1)  Ron Klemba   2)  Steve Shoemaker   3)  James Fisher


Men's Left 199-Up

1)  Jim Bryan   2)  Steve Carbone   3)   Marc Fischer


Men’s Novice:

Men’s Right Novice 0-176

1)  Terry Houston   2)  Mike Berardine   3)  Ed Thomas


Men’s Right Novice 199-Up

1)  Carlos Beltram


Women’s Right 0-132               Women’s Right 133 -143   

1)  Sue Fischer                           1)  Arlene Pfeiffer  


Women’s Right 144-Up                

1)  Cindy Looney 2) Arlene Pfeiffer            3) Sue Fischer



Mens Right Overall:  Tim Bresnan            Men’s Left:  Jim Bryan       Women’s:  Cindy Looney


Thank you Jim Bryan (Ref), Renee Bernardino (Brackets), Steve Carbone (Photographer) & Bill and Geri Cox’s (Ref and Brackets).   IAF Sanctioned.


Thanks to everyone who came out on such a crazy day.   Glad everyone made it home safely. 

I don’t think I will ever forget this tournament I guess it really was a Winter Blast.



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