Great News For Armwrestlers

      In Poland at the WAF World’s the WAF Congress voted in a great change in the rules that will benefit all armwrestlers.  The changes will take effect at the 2002 XXIII WAF World’s being held in St. Louis. 

In the past, the entry fee to compete at a WAF Worlds has been $30.00 per person not per entry.  Half of the entry fees go to the host country and half stays with WAF.

Starting in 2002 the athlete will pay $30.00 for each class or division they enter.  The extra money raised does not go to WAF and it will not go to the host country. A Referee Fund has been established for the additional funds collected from this change.    

     You may not be aware that the officials that attend a WAF World’s have to pay their own travel expenses.  They do get their lodging paid for (2 per room) but not the airline costs.  With revenue from the Referee Fund the WAF will now be able to help the referees with some of their expense in attending and working a tournament of this magnitude.

    The managers of this account are Fred Roy, David Shead and Leonard Harkless. These officials will select the qualified Master Level Officials invited to referee the WAF World’s and pay all or part of their airline costs to work a WAF World’s.

    What does this mean to the armwrestlers?  All athletes can be assured of having the highest quality officials beginning in 2002 in St. Louis at the XXIII WAF World’s.  No longer will the officials be expected to pay their own way to World’s and to referee for just half of their room expense.  This disrespectful practice will be at an end.  I would like to personally congratulate the WAF countries in taking this bold and beneficial step to further our sport.  WAF is only as good as our officials and we have the best in the World.  Now we can be assured in getting the best to the World’s.

 Leonard Harkless

Deputy Head Referee

World Armwrestling Federation



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