26th Annual

Member of United States ArmSports
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2003
Place: Buena Park, California
Hosted by: U.S.A.W.A. member of United States Arm Sports
Sponsored by: Buena Park Noon Lions Club
Tournament Director: Randy Sampias
Referees: Bob Eazor & Les Zollman
Scorekeeper: Cay Sampias
Competition started at high noon! and went fast and furious with non stop action until the quarter finals. Unseasonably hot temperatures called for a break just before the trophy rounds. The competition resumed with a vengeance to see who will take home one of the beautiful prestigious cups.
Competitor of the Day: Robert Whiting from Cypress, CA. very impressive
                                             all day!
Farthest distance Traveled: The De La Board brothers, Jose & Rodrigo
                                                      from Peru!
1st Place Team: THE OC BOYS, team captain: Scott Partington
                                Robert Whiting, John Stanton, Josh Lake
2nd Place Team: PHOENIX ARMS, team captain: Eric Wolfe
                                Richard Chacon, Mark Kibel, Joe Proctor, Erik Rothchild
RT HAND BANTAM 154lbs & Under                   RT HAND LIGHT 155 - 176lbs
1st Shaun Bennett, Phoenix AZ                        1st Robert Whiting, Cypress, CA
2nd Mark Kibel, Tempe, AZ                               2nd Kevin Harper, Cypress, CA
3rd Victor Torres, Elk Grove, CA                        3rd Rodrigo De La Borda, Peru
RT HAND MIDDLE 177 - 198lbs                          RT HAND LIGHT HVY 199 - 220
1st John Stanton, Huntington, CA                    1st Joe Proctor, El Paso, TX
2nd Richard Smith, Highland, CA                     2nd Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA
3rd Clay Stadler, Fountain Valley, CA              3rd Lynn Brower, Hawthorne, CA
RT HAND HEAVY 221 - 242lbs                             RT HAND SUPER HEAVY 243 - OVER
1st Joe Proctor, El Paso, TX                               1st Richard Chacon, Phoenix AZ
2nd Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA                    2nd Tom Reynolds, Anaheim, CA
3rd Joey Rooster, Highland, CA                          3rd Marcos De Leon, San Berdo, CA
LEFT HAND BANTAM 154 - UNDER                       LEFT HAND LIGHT 155 - 176 lbs       
1st Victor Torres, Elk Grove, CA                           1st Robert Whiting, Cypress, CA
2nd Mark Kibel, Tempe, AZ                                  2nd Kevin Harper, Cypress, CA
3rd Shaun Bennett, Phoenix, AZ                          3rd John McIntyre, Simi Valley, CA
LEFT HAND MIDDLE 177 - 198lbs                          LEFT HAND LIGHT HVY 199 - 220       
1st John Stanton, Huntington Beach, CA             1st Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA
2nd Richard Smith, Highland, CA                        2nd Joe Proctor, El Paso, TX
3rd James Strickland, Phoenix, AZ                      3rd Jeremy Beck, Anaheim Hills, CA
LEFT HAND HEAVY 221 - 242lbs                             LEFT HAND SUPER HEAVY 243 - OVER
1st Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA                        1st Richard Chacon, Phoenix, AZ
2nd Joey Rooster, Highland, CA                            2nd Tom Reynolds, Anaheim, CA
3rd Joe Proctor, El Paso, TX                                  3rd Scott Partington, Anaheim, CA
                                                RT HAND WOMEN'S OPEN
                                                1st Tammy Trujillo, Mammoth Lakes, CA
                                                2nd Shawna Anzlouar, Murrieta, CA
                                                3rd Jessica Macchiavello, Temecula, CA
Thanks to our referees, we had a safe tournament. A good time was had by all who attended!
A Special thanks to the board of USA/WAF for their support and encouragement in making this tournament a success!
Yours in Arm Wrestling,
Randy Sampias



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