2004 Valley Armwrestling Championships
Presented by the Valley Armwrestling Assoc. and Colorado Armsports
July 23, 2004   Manassa, CO
Total entries: 55
States represented: CO, OR, UT, NM.

Men's Novice Right 0-154 - Scott Schramko/Elder Vermillion/Cody Shawcroft
Men's Novice Right 155-176 - David Shaw/Dustin Creery/Rick Zschoche/Kody Patterson
Men's Novice Right 177-198 - Darren Montoya/Brandon Martin/Austin Miller/Cory Curtis
Men's Novice Right 199+ - Shea Jackson/Andrew Arellana/Joshua Jones/Jack Miller

Men's Open Right 0-154 -
No entries.
Men's Open Right 155-176 -
Jeff Ames/Keith Powers/Austin Thomas
Men's Open Right 177-198 - Dean Sain/Hersh Chaitin
Men's Open Right 199-242 - Dean Sain/Oscar Garcia
Men's Open Right 243+ - Travis Berggren/Dean Sain/Oscar Garcia

Men's Open Left 0-154 - No entries.
Men's Open Left 155-176 - Keith Powers/Jeff Ames/Elder Richar
Men's Open Left 177-198 - Dean Sain/Brandon Martin/Darren Montoya/Ausitn Miller
Men's Open Left 199+ - Rich Simpson/Chris Donato/Jeff Ames

Women's Open Right 0-143 - Pamela Jones/Brittany Thomas/Susan Shaw/Sister Cameron
Women's Open Right 144+ - Shaun Rigby/Colleen McGinnis/Dana Gallegos

Men's Right Overall - Dean Sain
Men's Left Overall - Rich Simpson
Women's Right Overall - Shaun Rigby
Best match of the day - Travis Berggren/Oscar Garcia
Best Sportsmanship - Sister Cameron



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