Frank and Karen,

  This letter is concerning the unification of Armsports in the United States.

  The United States Armwrestling Association proposal to AAA is as follows:

1)      The AAA would become a member of the “umbrella organization” called U.S.A. known as United States Armsports.

2)      The organization would observe “Roberts Rules of Order:”

3)      The U.S.A. does not collect any dues from members.  U.S.A.’s only revenue comes from the 50% return of net profits from the Unified Nationals.

4)      The AAA, USWA/USAA, WWC and IAF would be the members of the Executive Board of this organization. The AAA would have 6 people on the Executive Board, with WWC, USWA/USAA and IAF each having 2.

5)      From that Executive Board of 12 they would elect a President.  Leaving 11 persons on the Executive Board plus a President.

6)      Each association would retain their individual association structures including their Board of Directors and State Directors.

7)      All other associations joining the United States Armsports would be general members.

8)      The United States Armsports would represent all associations in the U.S. as a member of W.A.F.

9)      The Executive Board, by a simple majority, would vote on the site for the Unified Nationals from bids submitted. All bids must adhere to the approved bid form.

10)  All members of U.S.A. would be eligible to submit a bid for the Unified Nationals.

11)  The President would vote only in the case of a tie.

12)  The President would be voted to the position by a simple majority of the Executive Board.

13)  The election of officers will be held every 2 years.

14)  Any independent association can be a member of United States Armsports.  They can only be added to the Executive Board with a 2/3 majority.

15)  All other duties and/or responsibilities must be voted on by the current Executive Board. Approval will be by a 2/3 majority vote.

16)  The President would be the U.S.A.’s representative to W.A.F.

  The need for unification has never been greater.  As you know U.S.A. and AAA are both representing the U.S. in two different WAF’s.  There are now two different European Armsports Federations.  It appears they are on the way to unifying.  Let us not be the only continent that has not made this step for our sport.

The need for only one WAF is very vital for Armwrestling all over the world. 

Ignoring our problems in the U.S. has not been beneficial for Armwrestling. 

This proposal will not hurt AAA or change how you do tournaments, it will make a big difference in what happens through out the world.


 Leonard Harkless                                                                                   Denise Wattles

President United States Armwrestling Association                             Executive Director USAA/USWA 



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