November 26, 2001

Frank and Karen,

First of all, we were glad to get your response so quickly.

We will answer your questions so you can make a more informed decision.  First let me say that the invitation is for AAA to join United States ArmSports. There is no merger part of the proposal.  I will send you a copy of the constitution of USA also.

Your questions are answered in the order that you gave them.  I will also send you the forms we use for bidding for the USA Unified Nationals and also the forms and regulations for joining United States ArmSports.

 #1  “Who owns United States Armsports?” 

USA is not owned by anyone but is run by the Executive Board of  Directors.                            

#2  “Is it a legally registered company, corporation, LLC, or DBA?” 

We are registered with the Federal Government and have a Federal tax ID number.

#3  “Who are the legally registered officers of United States Armsports”

 WWC – Dave Devoto, Bill  Soberanes,  USAA/USWA – Denise Wattles, Leonard Harkless,  IAF – Bill Cox, Gerri Cox.

#4  “Is USA legally registered as profit or non-profit?”

Because the annual income is less than the minimum required to file taxes, the USA is not registered as non-profit. The USA has no payroll and no membership fees.  The only income generated is from half of the net profit from the Unified National tournament. In the past this income has totaled less than $1200 annually. The $1200 is distributed toward the annual WAF dues, postage, copies and phone calls.       

#5  “Can you please provide us with a copy of the United States Armsports Constitution and By-Laws?”

Yes I will.


We look forward to your response.


Leonard Harkless                                             Denise Wattles
President                                                           Executive Director
United States Armwrestling Assoc.                 United States Armwrestling Assoc.



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