Results 2004 Ultimate Armwrestling Las Vegas
 Hosted by the Plaza Hotel

Filmed by Fox Sports

Men’s Pro Right 0-165 1st Alan Fisher 2nd Olin Lucas

                                    3rd Mike McGraw 4th Craig Sanders

                                    5th Chris Chandler 6th Simon Berriochoa

Men’s Pro Right 166-198 1st Mike Selearis 2nd Steve Rau

                                        3rd Kevin Bongard 4th Spencer Graves

                                        5th Neil Pickup 6th Chris Chandler

Men’s Pro Right 199-242 1st John Brzenk 2nd Ron Bath

                                        3rd Jon Land 4th Marcio Barbosa

                                        5th Usmanov Farad 6th Brad Balderson

Men’s Pro Right 243+    1st Matt Girdner 2nd Travis Bagent

                                      3rd Eric Woefel 4th Clay Rosencrans

                                      5th Eric Guevin 6th Mark Sherrodd

Ladies Pro Right 0-143  1st Elane Blik 2nd Tamara Mitts

                                       3rd Judy Dodd 4th Gerrie McGraw

                                       5th Kelly Holmes 6th Jennifer Hoffert

Ladies Pro Right 144+   1st Joyce King 2nd Nicole Cisco

                                       3rd Rene Mahoney 4th Cynthia Yerby

                                       5th Kelli Nelson 6th Kelley Walton

Men’s Pro Left 0-165      1st Chris Chandler 2nd Mike Mcgraw

                                       3rd Luke Nelson 4th Olin Lucas

                                       5th Gene Dune 6th Nick Kleiber

Men’s Pro Left 166-198  1st Kevin Bongard 2nd Mike Selearis

                                        3rd Rich Simpson 4th Bryan Johnson

                                        5th Spencer Graves 6th Steve Rau

Men’s Pro Left 199+        1st Travis Bagent 2nd Eric Woelfel

                                         3rd Ron Bath 4th Marcio Barbosa

                                         5th Tom Nelson 6th Mark Sherrodd



Men’s Trophy Class Right 0-132 Jeff Monahan

133-154 Cory Miller, Ryan Cloer, J.C. Child, Jerry Barnhart

155-176 Jeff Ames, Richard Smith, Dennis Ashbey, Tony Montgomery

177-198 Lee Ecclesfield, Jeff Ames, Ed Moehle, Mike Kauk

199-242 Doug Brazda, Steve Kauppi, John Shipes, Steve Inzalaco

243+ Travis Berggren, John Burgeson

Men’s Trophy Class Left 0-176 Jeff Ames, Tony Montgomery, Richard Smith, Rick Karpenski

177-198 Jeff Ames, Bryan Call, John Shaw, Barrett Smallwood

199-242 Steve Kauppi, Steve Inzaloco, John Shipes, Willie Jones

 243+ Ryan Constatino, Steve Inzalaco

Men’s Masters Right 0-154 Gene Dunn

155-198 Eric Wolfe, Lee Ecclesfield, John Burgeson

199+ Brad Balderson, Chuck Kendricks, Sol Ingram, Tim Trusler

Men’s Masters Left 0-154 Gene Dunn

155-198 Tony Villa, Dwayne Hanel

199+ Chuck Kendricks, Jeff Pultz, John Shipes

Men’s Grand Masters 0-176 Steve Jeffries, Mike Burgeson, Reginald Currie Sr.

177-198 John Burgeson

199+ Chuck Kendricks



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