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Other Friends

The new kid in town


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Three Champions

Ryan Hutchings on the attack

Judy and Denise Wattles at new church in Russia


President Yeltsin with USA cap greets team and says "support Team USA"

President says "support Team USA"

President Reagan says "Support Team USA"

Amsterdam Airport with the General

Three outstanding athletes

Igor Akhmedshin speaks in Petaluma

Dave Hicks, Canadian Super Star and great guy

Russian Igor Lvov meets Mike Wendland

Jarrod Levulett meets John Brzenk

Joedee Asbury and Stretch pull in Heavyweights


Americans checking out the Kremlin

Gaming Casino in Moscow for finals

Team USA 1-2-3 in Russia

Igor and Irina Akhmedshin at home in Moscow

Terry Shapiro at the Kremlin

It's a long way from Montana

Armed and Dangerous



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