1997 National
Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Novice Left 0-154       Mike Phillips/BrodyTripp/Ryan Tanner

Novice Left 155-176   Nick Roberts, Jeremy Wattles

Novice Left 177-198   Gary Dodge

Novice Left 199+         Jake Stoddard/Don Zellar/Gary Dodge

Novice Right 0-154      Mike Phillips/Greg Cox/Brody Tripp

Novice Right 155-176   David Bieler/Phillip Baker/Nick Roberts

Novice Richt 177-198   Gary Dodge

Novice Right 199+         Jerry Solari/Jake Stoddard/Don Zellar

Masters Left 0-165         Evan Tripp/Mitch Robbins

Masters Left  199+         Steve Phipps/Greg Elliott 

Masters Right 0-165       Steve Jefferies/Fred Stemen/Evan Tripp

Masters Right 166-198   Charles Hughes

Masters Right 199+        Greg Elliott/Merle Meeter/Charles Hughes

Amateur Ladies Left 122-143    Mitzi Robbins

Amateur Ladies Left 144+          Shannon Stoors/Debbie Morris/Mitzi Robbins

Amateur Ladies Right 0-121        Brianna Tripp/Brandy Christiansen/Pat Riseon

Amateur Ladies Right 122-143    Mitzi Robbins

Amateur Ladies Right 144+          Laima Janutiene(Lithuania)/Shannon Stoors/Debbie Morris

Men Amateur Left 0-132              Dobbs Pressley/Mitch Robbins/David Owens

Men Amateur Left 133-154          Tim Storey/Kenny Hughes/Pat Brown

Men Amateur Left 156-176          David Bieler/Justin Phillips/Eric Peterson

Men Amateur Left 177-198          Dursun Adner(Turkey)/Jarrod Levulett/Don Howard

Men Amateur Left 199-242          "Stretch"/Tony Hartl/Don Zellar

Men Amateur Left 243+               Steve Phipps/D.J. Pentland/Gordan Pierson

Men Amateur Right 0-132            Mark McArthur/Mitch Robbine/Brody Tripp

Men Amateur Right 133-154        Tim Storey/Billy Wilson/Olin Vermillin

Men Amateur Right155-176         Troy Grinbergs/Justin Phillips/Ray Mudd

Men Amateur Right 177-198        Dursun Ander (Turkey)/Jarrod Levulett/ James Wilkinson

Men Amateur Right 199-242        "Stretch"/Tony Hartl/Jerry Solar

Men Amateur Right 243+              Dale Hawkins/Gordon Pierson/Mike Andrakin

Ladies Pro Left 0-121                  Tammy Maughmer/Judy Dodd/Michelle Kelly

Ladies Pro Left 122-143              Carolyn Fisher/Mitzi Robbins

Ladies Pro Right 0-121                Tammy Maughmer/Judy Dodd/Michelle Kelly

Ladies Pro Right  122-143           Carolyn Fisher/Mitzi Robbins/Jackie Hedges

Ladies Pro Right 144+                  Sherry Mundy/Carolyn Fisher/Alicia Mobley

Men Pro Left 0-132                     Tim Bertetto/Dan Hedges/Mitch Robbins

Men Pro Left 133-154                 Engin Terzi(Turkey)/Don Spraggs/Rob Paul

Men Pro Left 155-176                 Larry Verigin/David Owens/Allen Fisher

Men Pro Left 177-198                 John Brzenk/Jarrod Levulett/Ed Goble

Men Pro Left  199-242                Ron Bath/Greg Elliott/Clay Rosencrans

Men Pro Left 243+                       Eric Woelfel/Ron Bath/Gordon Pierson

Men Pro Right 0-132                   David Moss/Michael Boylan/Dobbs Pressley

Men Pro Right 133-154               Engin Terzi(Turkey)/Mike McGraw/Tim Storey

Men Pro Right 155-176               Allen Fisher/Mark Pryor/Ryan Hutchings

Men Pro Right 177-198               John Brzenk/Bill Brzenk/Brian Brandon

Men Pro Right 199-242               John Brzenk/Ron Bath/Bill Brzenk

Men Pro Right 243+                     John Brzenk/Ron Bath/Eric Woelfel

Ladies Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion   Shannon Stoors, Anchorage, Alaska

Ladies Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion   Laima Janutiene, Lithuania

Men Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion    Dursun Ander, Turkey

Men Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion "Stretch" Schirado, San Leandro, CA

Ladies Pro Left Hand Overall Champion    Carolyn Fisher, Spring Valley, CA

Ladies Pro Right Hand Overall Champion    Sherry Mundy, San Jose, CA

Men Pro Left Hand Overall Champion     Eric Woelfel, Petaluma, CA

Men Pro Right Hand Overall Champion     John Brzenk, Sandy, Utah

Amateur Best Sportsmanship Award     Donovan Hutchings, Redding, CA

Professional Best Sportsmanship Award     Rick Steffens, Pocatello, ID

Amateur Team Champions    Team Oregon    Armblasters, Mudd Pullers, The Mistakes

Professsional Team Champions "addjustapulls"  Los Banos Pullers

Overall Champions

  Sherry Mundy   -  Carolyn Fisher   -  Eric Woelfel       -  John Brzenk

There were 275 competitors from across the United States and three countries that competed in the 1997 National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships at the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Jim Kelley's Nugget Casino in Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  This is the third year this event has been held and it has been booked for June 13th and 14th 1998 at the same location. Over $12,000 in cash and prizes will again be awarded.  For more information call 406 248-4508 or 406 245-1560.



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