2003 Budweiser Southwest 
Armwrestling Championship

Steel Horse Saloon - Phoenix, Arizona April 6th

Ladies Right Hand 0-143: Ginny Router/ Angel Ashbey

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Brandi Grubbs/ Sherri Clifton

Bikers Right Hand 0-198: Taz/ Dan Wardian

Bikers Right Hand 199+: Taz/ Dan Wardian/ Bobby Meador

Men's Amateur Right Hand 0--154: Don Morian

Men's Amateur Right Hand 155-176: Jeff Ames/ Felipe Fernandez/ Kevin Kelley/ Don Morian

Men's Amateur Right Hand 177-198: Mike Bailey/ Taz

Men's Pro Left Hand 0-176: Emlyn Williams/ Steve Nortthern/ Jeff Ames/ Bulldog

Men's Pro Left Hand 177-198: Eric Wolfe/ Bulldog

Men's Pro Left Hand 199-242: Brian Bylbie/ Oak

Men's Pro Left Hand 243+: Richard Chacon/ Mike Wells

Men's Pro Right Hand 0-154: Dennis Ashbey

Men's Pro Right Hand 155-176: Emlyn Williams/ Jeff Ames/ Steve Northern/ Bulldog

Men's Pro Right Hand 177-198: Eric Wolfe/ Emlyn Williams/ Robert Parker

Men's Pro Right Hand 199-242: Bill Brzenk/ Brian Bylbie/ Joe Proctor

Men's Pro Right Hand 243+: Bill Brzenk/ Mike Wells/ Matt Klingsporn/ Richard Chacon



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