Strong Arm Challenge II

August 25, 2001


Weight class

Novice Left 188+

    1st Stephen Cooper
     2nd Boyko Todorou
3rd Glen Biscarr

Pro  Left  0-198

1st Jim Bryan
2nd Chris Marks

3rd Les Whims

Pro Left   199+

 1st Travis Bagent
  2nd Bucky Russell
3rd Dave Marrocco


Novice Right  0-165

    1st Leoni Wertheim
2nd Coru Odham

Novice Right  166-198


1st Chris Qunilan
2nd Chris Rankin
3rd Boyko Todorou

Novice right            199+

   1st Shola Adeleye
 2nd Charles Fisk
3rd Bernard Newton

Pro Right         0-176

1st Bill Maenza
2nd Jim Collier
3rd Les Whims


Pro Right            177-198

        1st George Stanton
2nd Jim Bryan
3rd Randy Stanaway

Pro Right            199-220

  1st Bucky Russell 
2nd Frank Travisano                                    
3rd Glen Biscarr

Pro Right            221+

1st Garrett Stepsis 
2nd Travis Bagent
3rd Dave Marrocco 


 1st Travis Bagent 
   2nd  Bucky Russell
3rd George Stanton



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