2002 Spa City Arm Wrestling Championship Results 
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Men's Novice Right 0-176                                Men's Novice Right 177 & up

1st-Mike MacCarron                                          1st-Jamie Owen

2nd-Terry Maurer                                               2nd-Damien Harding

3rd-Greg Cischke                                               3rd-Rodney Bunt


Men's Novice Left 0-176                                     Men's Novice Left 177 & Up

1st-B.J. Oller                                                        1st-Jamie Owen

2nd-Chip White                                                    2nd-Charles Lester

3rd-Ben Harding                                                   3rd-Damien Harding



Men's Open Right 0-165                                     Men's Open Left 0-165

1st-Calvin Holloway                                               1st-Terry Maurer

2nd-Mike MacCarron                                            2nd-Eddy Higgins

3rd-Justin West                                                      3rd-Dominic Brown


Men's Open Right 166-187                                 Men's Open Left 166-187

1st-James Smith                                                    1st-James Smith

2nd-Kevin Simmons                                              2nd-Kevin Simmons

3rd-Mike Kauk                                                     3rd-Ben Harding


Men's Open Right 188-220                                 Men's Open Left 188-220

1st-Michael Todd                                                 1st-Michael Todd

2nd-Kenny Boucher                                             2nd-Kevn Simmons

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj                                              3rd-Kenny Boucher


Men's Open Right 221 & Up                              Men's Open Left 221 & Up

1st-Don Underwood                                              1st-Jeremiah Gray

2nd-Jeremiah Gray                                                2nd-Rodney Bunt, Jr.

3rd-Rodney Bunt, Jr.                                             3rd-Matthew Higgins


Men's Masters Right Open                                 Men's Masters Left Open

1st-Steve Noble                                                     1st-Charles Lester

2nd-Zbigniew Bugaj                                               2nd-Zbigniew Bugaj

3rd-Charles Lester                                                 3rd-Chip White

                                                    Ladies Right Open

                                                    1st-Cody Livergood   

                                                    2nd-Tonya Wood                                                                 

                                                    3rd-Dana Noble  

Men's Overall Right                                            Men's Overall Left

1st- Michael Todd ($100 and 3' trophy)                    1st-Michael Todd ($100 and 3' trophy)

2nd-Don Underwood ($50)                                      2nd-James Smith ($50)



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