2002 Western States 
Invitational Armwrestling at the Silver State Games

  University of Nevada 
Reno - June 15


Youth 0-76: Nicole Brown/ P.J. Browm/ Tori Shaw

Youth 77-99: Christian Shaffer/ Whitney Shaw

Youth 100+: B.J. Shaffer/ Tyler Shaw

Grand Masters Right: Joe Churucca

Masters Left: Joe Churucca

Masters Right 0-165: Lee Ecclesfield

Masters Right 166-198: Lee Ecclesfield/ Joe Churucca

Men's Masters Right 199+: Bob Mallon/ Joe Churucca

Men's Novice Right 0-176: Greg Sanchez

Men's Novice Right 177+: Anthony Shaw/ Paul Duncan/ Bob Mallon/ Terry Duncan

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Pat Brown/ Josh LaRue

Men's Left Hand Open: Bob Shaffer/ Anthony Shaw/ John Shaw/ Joe Churucca

Men's Right Hand 0-154: Pat Brown

Men's Right Hand 155-176:Lee Ecclesfield/ Pat Brown/ Greg Sanchez

Men's Right Hand 199-242: John Shaw/ Anthony Shaw/ Lee Ecclesfield

Men's Right Hand 243+: Bob Shaffer/ John Shaw/ Anthony Shaw

Best Sportsmanship Award: Terry Duncan



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