United State ArmSports

ArmSports Rules & Regulations
(Revised January  2003)

1. You may wrap only one finger in the hand grip before the “GO”

2. The referee must see both thumb knuckles, unless both wrestlers agree to wave the rule.

3. The wrestlers shoulders must be square to the table before the match will be started.

4. Your shoulders may not be less than a fist distance away from your hand on the start.

5. All starts will be a “Ready .. Go”.

6. The first false start is a warning any others after that is a foul.

7. You may use a riser if your beltline is below the table but you must place and return your own riser.

8. To make a winning pin you must touch your opponent to the touch pad or obtain a parallel pin.

9. A parallel pin is when any part of your opponent’s hand, wrist or fingers goes below the touch pad.

10. You may touch any part of your opponent’s fingers, wrist or forearm to constitute a win.

11. You may not touch your body to your hand. If you gain position that is a foul.

12. If you get a foul and your hand is lower than 45 degrees you lose that match.

13. You forfeit the match with your second foul.

14. The referee will only center the hands left and right forward and back is up to the individual wrestlers.

15. If you intentionally open your hand and a slip occurs you will receive a foul and the match is restarted.

16. If a slip occurs we will apply the strap, USA approved Velcro strap will be used, unless a foul is called.

17. The strap cannot be applied lower on your wrist than 1 inch.

18. You must start with at least one foot on the ground but after the go it does not matter.

19. If you put your foot on your opponent’s side of the table you are risking it getting knocked off.

20. The wrestlers shoulders cannot go past the center of the table and if position is gained you will get a foul.

21. You are not to wrestle in a position that may hurt your arm and we can stop the match if deemed necessary. The positions are, but not limited to, in a neutral or losing position turning away from your hand, letting your shoulder get in front of your hand. Don’t look away from your hand!

22. If we stop your match for a hurt arm position you will get a foul and the second time you lose the match.

23. The wrestler must have contact with the peg when the pin is made.

24. If your elbow comes off the pad and you gain position or there is a hand change you get a foul.

25. If your elbow comes off the pad and there is no position gained or hand change, “no call”.

26. If your elbow stays off the pad you will get continuation fouls until it goes back on the pad.

27. It is your responsibility to keep your own elbow on the pad and if your elbow comes off and touch’s the touch pad you lose.

28. Back pressure to the extent that it pulls your opponent past the center of the table will not be allowed. This infraction will be deemed the same as a false start.

29. The referee will give a referees grip after 1 minute. You must not move during the set up until the “Ready Go”. You cannot change the grip that the referee gives to you , any change is a foul.

30. NEVER STOP WRESTLING until the referee grabs the hands signifying the end of the match.

31. The wrestler will conduct him or herself in a sportsmanship manner and the referee can give a disciplinary foul for un-sportsmanship behavior.

32. All referee decisions are final.



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