Reno Reunion VI

Sands Regency - Reno, Nevada
Presented By Arm World Promotions
January 9-11, 2003


Grand Masters Right 166-200: Joe Churruca/ Don Maloney

Grand Masters Right 201+: Joe Churruca/ Steve Warren

Masters Right 166-200: Eric Wolfe/ Lee Ecclesfield/ Don Maloney

Masters Right 201+: Eric Wolfe/ Conan/ Rob Brown/ John Sipes


Novice Right 0-154: Christopher Both/ Casey Buie/ Brian Parker/ Mike Woolf

Novice Right 155-176: KC Cates/ Sean Dugan/ Casey Buie/ Christian Keeney

Novice Right 177-198: Scott Nelson/ Ed Moehle/ Travus Carpenter/ Ryan Weaver

Novice Right 199+: Kevin Buetts/ Shawn Merkison/ Chris Daniels/Tony Ferriera

Novice Left 0-154: Casey Buie/ Mike Woolf/ Anthny Jolley

Novice Left 155-176: KC Cates/ Casey Buie/ Christian Keeney

Novice Left 177-198: Matt Mueller/ Travis Carpenter/ Duane Fisher

Novice Left 199+: Kevin Buetts/ Chris Daniels/ Tony Ferriera/ Shawn Merkison


Amateur Left 0-154: Casey Buie/ Bhristopher Both/ Cody Wagner

Amateur Left 177-198: Don Maloney/ John Marshall

Amateur Left 199+: Stretch/ Conan


Ladies Amateur Left Open: Christy Wagner/ Janice Buie/ Louisa Nelson

Ladies Amateur Right : Lori Shaefer/ Christy Wagner/ Louisa Nelson/ Laurie


Men's Amateur Right 0-154: Christopher Both/ Casey Buie/ Gio Fonseca

Men's Amateur Right 155-176: Ben Johnson/ Luke Nelson/ Christopher Both/ Casey Buie

Men's Amateur Right 199-232: Doug Brazda/ Joe Ramirez/ Daniel Roberge/ Charles Hughes

Men's Amateur Right 233+: Stretch/ Conan

Men's Amateur Right & Left Hand Overall - Stretch


Men's Pro Left 0-154: Devin Bair/ Luke Nelson/ Tom Prescott/ Simon Berriochoa

Men's Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Ron Erdman/ Willy Sieg/ Barrett Smallwood

Men's Pro Left 177-198: Eric Peterson/ Eric Wolfe/ Dean Sain/ Mike McGraw

Men's Pro Left 199+: Bob Shaffer/ Tom Nelson/ Allen Ferriera/ Matt Clark


Men's Pro Right 0-154: Devin Bair/ Simon Berriochoa/ Luke Nelson/ Christopher Both

Men's Pro Right 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Mike McGraw/ Randy Weaver/ Ron Erdman

Men's Pro Right 177-198: Eric Wolfe/ Eric Peterson/ Danny Gillean/ Lee

Men's Pro Right 199-232: Tom Nelson/ Ryan Hutchings/ Matt Clark/ John Shaw

Men's Pro Right 233+: Bob Shaffer/ Brian Brandon/ Conan/ Josh Clark


Ladies Pro Open: Rene Mahoney/ Kelli Nelson/ Wendi Lynde/ Gerrie McGraw


Men's Professional Left Hand Overall Champion: Bob Shaffer

Men's Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: Kenny Hughes



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