Rick ZumWalt
(AKA Bull Hurley)
Star of "Over the Top"

We who pull know ARMWRESTLING is as American as Apple Pie. As an American I feel it should be dominated by Americans, but as we saw in the early 90's the Russians had something to say about that. My hat is off to them coming here and kicking ass as they did. And maybe waking us up to train harder... competition truly breeds Champions!

I began ARMWRESTLING in the early 70's, a result of a "dare ya". It was love at first sight/pull/pin. I had been restricted from most sports because I can not run [Asthma], but I discovered I COULD PULL MY ASS OFF!!!!! I was hooked from the beginning... as a lot of you I know understand. I believe California was the home of serious pullers. We had Petaluma [everyone made the pilgrimage, ABC coverage] with Devoto & Soberanes, we had Steve Simons W.P.A.A., behind the scenes Marvin Cohen.., and he cost me big $.. like him or not he did a lot for the sport and is still my friend, and we had Virgils garage. I understand we all have a certain place where we get our skills and where we meet our teachers... and try to better them. And we had better appreciate them and believe they are the best. Virgil Arciero was mine. And truth be known I've never beaten him.. had him going once in Petaluma but the ref interfered : [hence my rep. for losing it {unfortunately I lost it several times} came into play]. It was the semis and we had a 1-2 minute match: [seemed like bone crunching hours], the ref rearranged our left arms in the middle if the match: [not cool] and Virgil then cleaned my clock... but at least I had him sniveling! My claim to fame Virgils sniveling and beat John Brzenk! I've had some really great matches, Dean Christian-Oregon, George Hood-California, Jim Easly- Kansas, Lil. Danny Carr -East coast, Danny Stone-Alabama, Mr. Johnny Walker- Georgia, Cleave Dean [who should of stayed on top for ever if'n he took care of himself, see I still got a big mouth..] I like to set the record straight if I may, I liked and still like Cleave I just expected more of him than he was able or willing to give, he was in another dimension strength wise. And the legend Johnny Brzenk, a guy who was a pound for pound an armwrestling machine.. I do not know what his ranking is today, but for all the loud mouths in our sport [I know I'm one] I really wish you could have felt that supreme power in his prime.


Somebody thought I had some thing to give to the film. I got the Invitation to meet the producers on a film in the early 80's. It was a guys script then... the guy who did "LAND OF THE GIANTS" ... Gary Conway, he's in the credits of OVER THE TOP. He was going to make this film and we never heard another word. It was Ernie Jefferies who called me to go to this thing, thanks Ernie. It wound up in Stallones lap and he had the juice to make it go. As I said I had a small part and then a bigger part and then the lead and then I was out all together and Cleave was in the lead, and then he was out.. I think that was Stallones doing. Then the Pro-Wrestler Big John Stud was in and McMahon nixed it for John and I was back in, got a screen test with Stallone and turned it on. I was told by his people to really psyche up [I can do a good psych, ya know] and show him what a psyche was like.... but not to throw him or anything physical. so we met and shook hands, like in a match, I turned around and went quickly into a full mind blowing psyche from hell turned around screamed and charged the table, Sly pissed himself, and retreated to the bodyguards, well I knew I had blown it and was asked to go...they would call me [yaw sure], But when I got home a message said Sly wanted me for the part!!!!!! The rest ya know, that marked the end of my armwrestling pretty much. I was to challenge a new opponent Hollywood... I've done ok..... But it looks like I need to find another line/hustle for now. I've had back surgery twice, broken neck and lower back.. stayed too big too long [should make Cleave smile :]] and have to at 46 years of age regroup. Guess that’s enough for now, maybe too much or too little, you'll let me know if'n ya want to hear more?

You pullers, pull often, and try to give the sport something... cause it has given us all so much!!!!!!


Big Rick ZumWalt



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