National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship
Tahoe Biltmore Lodge - Crystal Bay, Nevada


Pro-Ladies Left 0-121 Judy Dodd, Briana Tripp
Pro-Ladies Left 122-143 Carolyn Fisher, Alicia Mobley
Pro-Ladies Left 144+ Sherry Mundy, Alicia Mobley

Pro-Ladies Right 0-121 Judy Dodd, Michelle Kelly, Briana Tripp
Pro-Ladies Right 122-143 Carolyn Fisher, Alicia Mobley, Tammy Maughmer
Pro-Ladies Right 144+ Sherry Mundy, Sooz Ellis, Alicia Mobley

Pro-Men’s Left 0-132 Dobbs Pressley, Benjie Dwyer, Brody Tripp
Pro-Men’s Left 133-154 Dave Hicks, Kenny Hughes, Rick Steffens
Pro-Men’s Left 155-176 Marty Anzik, Earl Maughmer, Allen Fisher
Pro-Men’s Left 177-198 Jarrod Levulett, Brian Leeper, Justin Finney
Pro-Men’s Left 199-242 Dan Victor, John Brzenk, Chris Futhey
Pro-Men’s Left 243+ Eric Woelfel, Dan Victor, Gordon Pierson

Pro-Men’s Right 0-132 Dobbs Pressley, Mike Boylan, Dave Alexander
Pro-Men’s Right 133-154 Kenny Hughes, Dave Hicks, Rick Steffens
Pro-Men’s Right 155-176 Allen Fisher, Ryan Hutchings, Earl Maughmer
Pro-Men’s Right 177-198 Bill Brzenk, Brian Brandon, Jarrod Levulett
Pro-Men’s Right 199-242 John Brzenk, Bill Brzenk, Chris Futhey
Pro-Men’s Right 243+ John Brzenk, Eric Woelful, Bobby Hopkins

Masters Right 0-165 Steve Jeffryes, Victor Torres
Masters Right 166-198 Steve Jeffryes, John Burgeson, Charles Hughes
Masters Right 199+ Bobby Hopkins, Merle Meeter, Charles Best

Masters Left 166-198 John Burgeson
Masters Left 199+ Steve Phipps, Bobby Hopkins, John Burgeson

Ladies Am-Left 122-143 Gerrie Edwards, Jimi Heffelfinger
Ladies Am-Left 144+ Leslie Wagoner, Stefani Burns

Ladies Am-Right 0-121 Angel Ashbey, Karen Alvarez, Kim Clark
Ladies Am-Right 122-143 Gerrie Edwards, Jimi Heffelfinger
Ladies Am-Right 144+ Stefani Burns, Teresa Trigg, Leslie Wagoner

Am-Men’s Left 0-132 Brian Namura, Greg Gray, Calvin Uyehara
Am-Men’s Left 133-154 Pat Brown, Jerry Barnhart, Sean Kelley
Am-Men’s Left 155-176 George Weaver, Chad Baert, David Bielre
Am-Men’s Left 177-198 Robert Sutton, Jed Hughes, Al Lacuesta
Am-Men’s Left 199-242 Stretch, Casey Szparaga, James Muanwa
Am-Men’s Left 243+ Steve Phipps, David Burns, Jeff Pultz

Am-Men’s Right 0-132 Greg Gray, Brian Nomura, Calvin Uyehara
Am-Men’s Right 133-154 Ray Walston, Sean Kelley, Dennis Ashbey
Am-Men’s Right 155-176 Eric Peterson, Joey Vierra, D. J. Galvan
Am-Men’s Right 177-198 Robert Terry, Robert Sutton Ralph Boyle
Am-Men’s Right 199-242 Stretch, Casey Spzaraga, Mark Evans
Am-Men’s Right 243+ David Burns, Jerry Solari, Casey Szparaga

Novice Right 0-154 Victor Torres
Novice Right 155-176 Mike Weaver, Gilbert Ramirez, Victor Torres
Novice Right 177-198 Norman Giesige, Doug Arnold
Novice Right 199+ Casey Szparaga, Sam Kazen, Jim Wagoner

Novice Left 0-154 Victor Torres
Novice Left 155-176 Victor Torres, Corey Longiotti, Gilbert Ramirez
Novice Left 177-198 Doug Arnold
Novice Left 199+ Jim Wagoner, Casey Szparaga, Doug Arnold

Men’s Pro-Right Overall Champion John Brzenk

Men’s Pro-Left Overall Champion Dan Victor

Ladies Right Overall Champion Carolyn Fisher

Men’s Amateur Right Overall Champion Bobby Hopkins

Men’s Amateur Left Overall Champion Brian Nomura

Ladies Amateur Right Overall Champion Stefani Burns

Ladies Amateur Left Overall Champion Gerrie Edwards

Amateur Best Sportsman Jerry Barnhart

Pro Best Sportsman Butch Clinton

Over 250 Entries



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