1998 National Pro-Am Wristwrestling Championship

Double Eagle Hotel & Casino - Cripple Creek, Colorado

Men’s Novice Right 155-176: Ken Penrose, Co./ Brody Tripp, Id.
Men’s Novice Right 199+: Jeromy Herrick, WY./ Charlie Lee, Co./ Justin Allen, Co.

Masters Right 166-198: Ron Baxa, Co./ Robert Hamm, Co.
Masters Left 166-198: Tony Villa, In./ Gary Wattles, Mt.

Men’s Amateur Left 0-154: Eric Brizzie, Co.
Men’s Amateur Left 155-176: Gaylon Russell, WY./ Ken Penrose, Co./ Eric Brizzie, Co.
Men’s Amateur Left 177-198: Jeff Bullock, Co./ Ken Penrose, Co.
Men’s Amateur Left 199-242: Ken Penrose, Colorado

Ladies Amateur Right 0-121: Terrentia Cathey, Co./ Beverly Branson, Co.
Ladies Amateur Right 144+: Lynette Herrick, WY./ Battina Coaxum, Co./ Terrentia Cathey, Co.

Men’s Amateur Right 0-154: Dan Bechard, S.D./ Eric Brizzie, Co.
Men’s Amateur Right 155-176: Gaylon Russell, WY./ Jeff Ames, Co.
Men’s Amateur Right 177-198: Jeff Ames, Co./ Jeff Bullock, Co.
Men's Amateur Right 199-242:Jeff Amerman, Mt./John Moore. Co./Alan Kennedy, Co./Jeromy Herrick, WY.
Men’s Amateur Right 243+: Jeff Ames, Co./ Steve Donuthan, Co.

Men’s Pro Right 0-132: Brody Tripp, Idaho
Men’s Pro Right 133-154: Kevin Harris, NE./ Rick Steffens, Id./ Brody Tripp. Id.
Men’s Pro Right 155-176: Emlyn Williams, Co./Cobra Rhodes, In./ Rick Steffens, Id./ Willie Garley, NM.
Men’s Pro Right 177-198: Paul Rosas, Co./ Cobra Rhodes, In./Rick Steffens, Id./ Jeff Ames, Co.
Men’s Pro Right 199-242: John Brzenk, Ut/Leonard Harkless, Mt./ Cobra Rhodes, In./Fred Galloway,Co.
Men’s Pro Right 243+;Cobra Rhodes,In./John Brzenk, Ut/Rich Simpson, Co.

Men’s Pro Left 0-132:Brody Tripp,Id.
Men’s Pro Left 133-154:Kevin Harris, Ne./Brody Tripp, ID./ Rick Steffens, ID.
Men’s Pro Left 155-176:Emlyn Williams, Co./ Rick Steffens. ID./ Ken Penrose, CO.
Men’s Pro Left 177-198:Tony Villa, In./ Rick Steffens, Id./ Jeff Ames, Co.
Men’s Pro Left 199-242:John Brzenk, UT./ Tony Villa, In./Ken Penrose, Co.
Men’s Pro Left 243+: John Brzenk, UT./ Rich Simpson. Co.

Ladies Pro Right 122-143:Lynette Herrick, WY./ Lorrie Schoner, Co.
Ladies Pro Right 144+: Melissa Garley, NM/ Stephanie Johnson, Co.

Pro Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Lynette Herrick, Wyoming

Men’s Professional Left Hand Overall Champion; John Brzenk, Utah

Men’s Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: John Brzenk, Utah

Men’s Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Dan Bechard, South Dakota

Men’s Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Jeff Bullock, Colorado

Ladies Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Lynette Herrick, Wyoming

Professional Team Champions: "United Arms"

Amateur Team Champions: "The Wild Bunch"

Amateur Best Sportsman Award: Jeromy Herrick, Wyoming

Professional Best Sportsman Award; Cobra Rhodes, Indiana



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