North American Armwrestling Championship results 1996

Prairie Knights Casino


Novice 0-150: Bruce Greig/Ron Feist

Amateur Left 0-150: Tony Fettig/Terry DeBaets/Ron Feist

Amateur Left 151-175: Jason Duncan/Will Sherwood/Ron Feist

Amateur Left 176-200 Ryan Shock/Duane Putzier/Scott Becker

Ladies Amat. Rt. 0-120 Jennifer Beckler

Ladies Am. Rt. 121-140 Michelle Haag/Jennfer Beckler

Amateur Right 0-150 Joe Harrison/Greg Pruitt/Bruce Greig

Amateur Right 151-175 Justin Miller/Terry Sauer/Keith Radomski

Amateur Rt. 176-200 J.R. Whitebull/Duane Putzier/Will Sherwood

Amateur Rt. 201+ Greg Schock/Michael Brady

Masters Rt. 0-160 Joe Harrison

Masters Rt. 191+ Cliff Hall

Pro Ladies Left Tressa Brooner/Arlene Fettig

Pro Left 0-150 Paul Knightly/Blaine Lawrence/Joe Harrison

Pro Left 151-175 Steve Knightly/Mike Barrett/Justin Miller

Pro Left 176-200 Craig Naasz/Lance Pentland/Rich Simpson

Pro Left 201+ Craig Naasz/Lee Brunelle/Cliff Hall

Pro Ladies Rt. 0-120 Tressa Brooner/Jennifer Beckler/Carmen No Heart

Pro Ladies Rt. 121-140 Christine Willamson/Michelle Haag/Karleen Weigel

Pro Ladies Rt. 141-+ Christine Williamson/Lola Tomlinson/Arlene Fettig

Pro Rt. 0-150 Paul Knightly/Neal Ellis/Brad Maerz

Pro Rt. 151-175 Rett Houdek/Tom Korkowski/Mike Barrett

Pro Rt. 176-200 Rich Simpson/Lance Pentland/Scott Becker

Pro Rt. 201+ Joe Madche/Greg Schock/Lee Brunelle

Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Ryan Schock

Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Justin Miller

Amateur Best Sportsmanship Award: Curtis Brave Bull

Professional Left Hand Overall Champion: Steve Knightly

Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: Rett Houdek

Professional Best Sportsmanship Award: Terry DeBaets

Professional Team Champions: Tony's Team, Bismark, N.D.



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