1.      Date and place of tournament

The tournament will take place on 2nd of March 2002 at 12.00 in Gemini Centre at 21 Waszyngtona Street, Gdynia, Poland.

Weigh in registration of all competitors willing to taking part in the tournament will be held on Saturday from 9.00 till 12.00.

 2.      Rules of rivalry.

The competitors of the tournament will be divided into the following weigh categories:

-         Women: 60kg, +60kg.

-         Men: 62kg, 75kg, 90kg, +90kg.

-         Open of men: the right to competition has everybody regardless of his weigh category. Rivalry will be held only on the right hand.


3.      Prizes.

-         in each women’s category for the 1st place 200$, 2nd place- 100$, 3rd place- 50$

-         in each men’s category for the 1st place 400$, 2nd place-200$, 3rd place- 100$

-         in “open” category for the 1st place 1000$, 2nd place- 750$, 3rd place- 500$

4.      Final remarks.

Starting fees:

-         in each categories of women and men – 25$

-         in “open” category of men – 40$

-         if the competitor starts in both, his own weigh category and the “open” one, single fee is 40$

The insurance of competitors is paid by them.

The tournament will be followed by the rules of WAF.

The right of interpretation and changing the following rules owns only to the organizer.

The accommodation of the competitors is organized by the Club Zloty Tur.



Club Zloty Tur

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 Mobil Igor: +48 605 401 967

 Mobil Ania: +48 609 104 207

 Mobil Marta: +48 502 969 036



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