56 Armwrestlers competed
      Tournament Director: Dan Ogden
       Brackets & Announcer: Bob Stanger
                Referee's Ed Atkins, Eric Ruperto & John Pevic

145 lbs Novice   1st--Steve Perry  2nd---Dan Corl  3rd--Ricky Brown
165 lbs Novice   1st--Dan Corl  2nd--Dan Alisesky 3rd--Mark Olsen
185 lbs Novice   1st--Mark Thomas  2nd--Dom Medura  3rd--K.Mihalson
210 lbs Novice   1st--Jerry Sedaita  2nd--Dave Willman  3rd--Sean Molyneaux
Hvywt Novice   1st-- Dave Willman   2nd Dean Milko  3rd--Jeff Lautenschlager

145 lbs Open     1st--Tommy "Z"   2nd--Steve Perry  3rd--Tony Carte
165 lbs Open     1st--Bryan Thomas  2nd--Chris Louive  3rd--Mark Olsen
185 lbs Open     1st--Bryan Thomas  2nd--John Meyer  3rd-- Mark Thomas
210 lbs Open     1st--John Meyer  2nd--Sean Molyneaux  3rd--Jerry Sedaita
Hvywt Open     1st--Matt Pritchard  2nd--Don Jackson  3rd--Dean Milko

165 lbs Left Open   1st--Dan Alisesky  2nd--Jamma Gill  3rd--Jim Ingledue
210 lbs Left Open   1st--Mike O'Hara  2nd--John Meyer  3rd--Brent Moore
Hvywt Open          1st-- Mike O'Hara  2nd-- Matt Pritchard  3rd--Dean Milko

Women's 130 lbs    1st-- Darlene Ingledue  2nd--Christine Hosie  3rd--
Jen Evangelista
Women's Open      1st--Bobbie Hart  2nd--Lynn McCarthy  3rd--Darlene Ingledue

Children's Division

8-10 yr olds   1st--Nick Sappie  2nd--Michele Calabrese  3rd--Cecily Ogden
11 yr olds      1st--Ted Ingledue  2nd--Jeremy Kessler  3rd--Nicole Calabrese
12 yr olds      1st--Anthony Sappie  2nd--Shawn Boff  3rd--Kathy Louive
13 & 14 yr olds   1st--Chris Louive Jr.  2nd--Randy Louive  3rd--Kevin
Mihlason Jr.
14 to 17 yr olds   1st--Samantha Hart  2nd--Lil "Z"  3rd--Nicole Calabrese



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