Pennsylvania State Armwrestling Championship
                  2001 Ugly Dog Saloon - Pittsburgh, Pa.


Menís Novice Right 0-154: Domenic Medure/ Paul Stollmeyer/ Willie Reagan/Ed Adkins
Menís Novice Right Hand 155-176: Steve Perry/ Christopher Thomas/ Jim Ingledue
Menís Novice Right Hand 177-198: James Kizziah/ Mike Johnson/ Richard Axe
Menís Novice Right Hand 199+: Matt Prichard/ Joe Saldania/ Dean Milko

Menís Left Hand 0-154: Randy Nelson/ Willie Reagan/ Waylon Garza/ Domenic Medura
Menís Left Hand 155-176: Mike O'Hara/ Tom Spencer/ Jeff Ruperto/ Clayton Lee
Menís Left Hand 177-198: Mike O'Hara/ Shane Ellsessor/ John Meyer/ Steve Brunish
Menís Left Hand 199-242: Tom Flansburg/ Tom Spencer
Menís Left Hand 243+: Bob Sutton/ Kevin Schneider/ Matt Prichard/ Joe Saldania

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Kristi Dutton/ Darlene Ingeldue/ Raegan Lee/Lynn Woods
Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Darlene Ingledue/ Tanya Shock/ Lynn Woods
Ladies Right Hand 144+: Bobbie Hart/ Darlene Ingledue/ Kelly Vesneski

Menís Right Hand 0-154: Bryon Thomas/ Bob Wilson/ Randy Nelson/ Ed Adkins
Menís Right Hand 155-176: Mike O'Hara/ Tom Spencer/ Clayton Lee/ Ed Kruger
Menís Right Hand 177-198: Shane Ellsessor, Michael O'Hara/ Glen Mills/John Meyer
Menís Right Hand 199-2142: Joe Dutton/ Tom Flansburg/ Eric Ruperto
Menís Right Hand 243+: Kevin Schneider/ Bob Sutton/ Matt Prichard/ Joe Saldania

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Bryon Thomas

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Mike O'Hara

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Kristi Dutton

Best Sportsmanship Award: Scott Mast



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