May 25th -2002 Penny's on the Lake 
Arm Wrestling Championships


Men's Right 0-176                                                            Men's Right 177 & Up

1st-James Smith                                                                  1st-Ben Hill

2nd-Ben Hill                                                                         2nd-Kenny Boucher

3rd-Jeremy Denton                                                             3rd-Jason Parnell

Men's Left 0-176                                                            Men's Left 177 & Up

1st-James Smith                                                                  1st-Terry Maurer

2nd-Terry Maurer                                                               2nd-Rick Peters

3rd-Josh Wood                                                                     3rd-Kenny Boucher

Men's Right Masters                                                        Men's Left Masters

1st-Z                                                                                   1st-Rick Peters

2nd-Harold Clark                                                               2nd-Z

3rd-Brian Edwards                                                             3rd-Harold Clark

Ladies Open Right                                                           Men's Overall Right and Left

1st-Tonya Wood                                                                James Smith

2nd-Melinda Stanley

3rd-Tonya Noles



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