PA Standup Armwrestling Championship 
 Held at Stable, Pit, & Pub 
Conneaut Lake Pa       9/6/03


Men's Right Hand

145lb 1.Matt Marcy 2.Boomer Reagan 3.Dan Hilliard 4. Chris Louive Jr 5. Ron Smith

165lb 1.Willie Reagan 2.Dave Zacherl 3. Bob Wilson 4. Jim Ross 5. Rick Brown

185lb 1.Llyod Brewer 2. Dom Medure 3.Donald Ross 4.Tim Amarosa 5. Tom Deacon

210lb 1.Rob Ziegler 2.John Meyer 3.Sean Molyneaux 4.Steve Brunnish 5.Aaron Blay

Heavyweight 1.Matt Prichard 2.Rob Ziegler 3.Carl Marcy 4.Tank Taft 5.James Platt

Men's Left Hand

145lb 1. Dan Hilliard 2. Boomer Reagan 3. Matt Marcy 4.Terry Bowles 5. Ron Smith

165lb 1. Willie Reagan 2. Chris Louive Sr 3. Dave Zacherl 4. Mike Amarosa 5.J im Ross

185lb 1. Dom Medure 2. Llyod Brewer 3. Donald Ross 4.Tom Bottles 5.Tom Deacon

210lb 1. Rob Ziegler 2. John Meyers 3. Steve Brunnish 4. Sean Molyneaux 5. James Platt

Heavyweight 1. Matt Prichard 2. John Meyer 3. Carl Marcy 4. Tank Taft 5. Dave McKain

Women's Right

1. Angela Walker 2. Chris Splitstone 3. Wendy Rager 4. Melinda Raston

Women's Left

1. Angela Walker 2. Wendy Rager 3. Melinda Ralston 4. Chris Splitstone

Head Referee- Ed Adkins
Referees- Brenda Messena-Doyle, Chris Louive Sr



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