1998 Pennsylvania State Armwrestling Championship

Sponsored by Gisella’s & Enzo & Millers
Next scheduled tournament at Gisella's & Enzo is October 3rd 1998
For more information call 406 248-4508


Mens Right Novice 0-154: Ralph Smith, Bob Wilson, Ron Palmer, Dale Murray
Mens RightNovice 155-176: Ryan Mills, Jamie Hunter, Bill Gammon
Mens Right Novice 177-198: Troy Klavoon, Kevin Whittacker, Stephen Brunish

Mens Left 0-154: Gene Dunn, Benjie Dwyer, Ron Palmer, Ralph Smith
Mens Left 155-176: Erkan Ilbak, Gene Dunn, Ralph Smith
Mens Left 177-198: Calvin Brown, Glen Mills, Shawn Montgomery
Mens Left 199+: Al Leger, Craig Sparks, Benjie Dwyer

Ladies Right 0-121: Kathleen Kimmell, Dotti Greenawalt, Sheila Pope
Ladies Right 144+: Melanie May, Kelly Veneski

Mens Right 0-132: Dave Alexander, Benjie Dwyer, Mike Albaugh, Brian West
Mens Right 133-154; Gene Dunn, Dave Zacheryl, Bill Gammon, Jim Miller
Mens Right 155-176: Erkan Ilbak, Jamie Hunter, John Lawrence
Mens Right 177-198: Jason Pennington, Eric Ruperto, Frank Bonini, Bob Allen
Mens Right 199-242: Al Leger, Frank Bowser, Leroy Walters, Bob Allen
Mens Right 243+: Al Leger, Bryon Boyd, Mike Salsgiver

Mens Left Hand Overall Champion: Al Leger - Camden, New York

Mens Right Hand Overall Champion: Al Leger - Camden , New York

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Melanie May - Pittsburgh, Pa.

Best Sportsman Award: Bob Wilson - Greenville, Pa.



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