2003 Oregon State 
Armwrestling Championships

Shilo Inn - Klamath Falls March 15th


Men's Novice Left Hand 0-154: Brian White/ Shannon Clark

Men's Novice Left Hand 155-176: Jason Murphy/ Sam Pagan/ Joseph Shelton/ Jesse Ragan

Men's Novice Left Hand 177-198: Jarod Baker/ Jerame McCoy/ Andy Montgomery/ Dan Shaffer

Men's Novice Left Hand 199+: Thomas Nealy/ Michael Ore/ Larry Garrison/ Mikka Fotenot

Men's Novice Right Hand 0-154: Miles McClanahan

Men's Novice Right Hand 155-176: Mark Saunders/ Adam Thomas/ Sam Pagan/ Gary Anderson

Men's Novice Right Hand 177-198: Robert Kincaid/ Jeremy Hunsley/ Shawn Huwa/ Jay Webster

Men's Novice Right Hand 199+: Art Gowdy/ Michael Ore/ Thomas Nealy/ Justin Nichols

Men's Masters Right Hand Open: Sam Hattabaugh/ Rick Saunders/ Tom Nealy

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Jason Murphy

Men's Left Hand 155-176: Jason Murphy/ Todd Peterson/ Michael Cocchi

Men's Left Hand 177-198: David Bieler/ Eric Peterson/ Darren Wartena/ Brian Rowley

Men's Left Hand 199-242: Allen Ferriera/ Jarrod Levulett/ Scott Skelton/ John Shaw

Men's Left Hand 243+: Bob Shaffer/ Allen Ferriera/ Tony Shaw/ Terry Duncan

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Megan Reynolds

Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Gina Holmberg/ Megan Reynolds/ Sonya Evans

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Billie Jo Winfield/ Gina Holmberg/ Ange Anderson

Men's Right Hand 0-154: Jason Murphy/ Gary Alves/ Miles McClanahan

Men's Right Hand 155-176: Lee Ecclesfield/ Michael Cocchi/ Todd Peterson/ Jeremy Hunsley

Men's Right Hand 177-198: Herman McCoy/ David Bieler/ Eric Peterson/ Darren Wartena

Men's Right Hand 199-242: Jarrod Levulett/ John Shaw/ Scott Skelton/ Tony Shaw

Men's Right Hand 243+: Bob Shaffer/ Jarrod Levulett/ Mark Evans/ Sam Hattabaugh

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Billie Jo Winfield

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Bob Shaffer

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: Miles McClanahan



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