Oregon State
Armwrestling Championship
Results March 1998


1998 Coors & Jimmy D’z Oregon State Armwrestling Championship Klamath Falls, Oregon


Novice Left 0-154:Steve Twidwell,Or./ Ryan Tanner, Nv.

Novice Left 155-176: Roy Bradley, Or./ Joey Vierra, Ca./ Nick Scala,Or./ Todd Peterson, Or.

Novice Left 177-198: Mike Rowland, Ca./ Pat Trippett, Or./ Jeff Hudson, Or.

Novice Left 199+: Allen Ferierra, Or./ Tim McGee, Wa./ Don Zellar, Wa./ Joe Meek, Or.

Novice Right 155-176: Cory Longiotti, Or./ Pat Trippett, Or./ Jeremy Hunsley, Or./ Roy Bradley, Or.

Novice Right 177-198: Brian Rowley, Ca./Jeremy Hunsley,Or./David Davidson,Or./Brandon Bradley,Or.

Novice Right 199+: Roy DeNoma, Wa./ Mark Evans, Or./ Don Zellar, Wa./ Brian Rowe, Wy.

Left 0-154:Richard Young, Nv./ Dobbs Pressley, Or./Pat Brown, Nv./ Steve Twidwell, Or.

Left 155-176:David Bieler, Or./Eric Peterson, Or./Jerry DaSilva, Ca./Herman McCoy, Or.

Left 177-198:Bob Wardrip, Id./George Weaver, Or./Brain Rowley, Ca.

Left 199+: Eric Woelfel, Ca./ Greg Elliott, Or./ Jarod Levulett, Or./Tony Hartl, Or.

Ladies 0-121: Cortney Perizzolo, Ca./Nikki Tanner, Nv.

Ladies 144+: Donna Eitner, Or./Kelen Wells, Or./ Billy Jo Winfield, Or./ Alisha Rowland, Ca.

Right 0-132: Dobbs Pressley, Or./ Patrick Brown, Nv.

Right 133-154: Bryan Senn, Or./ Dobbs Pressley,Or./ Richard Young, Nv./ Billy Wilson, Or.

Right 155-176: Rob Paul, Ca./ Herman McCoy, Or./ David Bieler, Or./ Eric Peterson, Or.

Right 177-198: Bob Wardrip, Id./ Joey Vierra, Ca./ Jeff Hudson, Or.

Right 199-242: Jarrod Levulett, Or./ Tony Hartl, Or./ Michael Lallo, Or./ Kevin Keeney, or.

Right 243+: Eric Woelfel, Ca./ Norm Alexander, Or./ Roy DeNoma, Wa.

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Donna Eitner, Oregon

Mens Left & Right Hand Overall Champion: Eric Woelfel, California

Best Sportsman Award: Todd Peterson



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