2004 State Games of Oregon Armwrestling

July 10, 2004

Tournament Commissioners: Herman and Barbara McCoy

Men's Open Right 0-154: Gary Alves/ Joshua Proctor/ Thor Lottin

Men's Open Right 155-176: Steve Jeffryes/ Jay Mehl/ Corey Rich

Men's Open Right 177-198: Travis Carpenter/ George Weaver

Men's Open Right 199+: Sam Hattabaugh/ Thomas Stanley


Men's Open Left 0-198: George Weaver/ Travis Carpenter

Men's Open Left 199+: George Weaver/ Thomas Stanley


Women's Right Hand 0-121: Kasey Proctor

Women's Open Right 122-143: Kasey Proctor

Women's Open Right 144+: Ginger Cromwell/ Christina Harding/ Kasey Proctor


Novice Right 0-154: Joshua Proctor/ Thor Lottin/ Toby White

Novice Right 155-176: Aaron Senn/ Jerame McCoy/ Stacey Hunt

Novice Right 177+: David Mansell/ Larry Garrison/ Branegan Dixon


Novice Left 0-154: Joshua Proctor

Novice Left 155-176: Stacey Hunt/ Jay Mehl

Novice Left 177+: Tom Stanley/ Justin Tucker


Masters Right 0-165: Gary Alves

Masters Right 166+: Sam Hattabaugh/ Everett Bieger




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