2001 "Pull for America" Missouri State Armwrestling Championship
Brewskeez - Florissant, Missouri  October 8th

Men's Novice Right Hand 0-154: 
Ryan Conner/ Chip Gore/ Nick Kingsbury/ Dave Thrower

Men's Novice Right Hand 155-176:
Bob Schrag/ Preston Roth/ D.J. Lucas/ Alex Porter

Men's Novice Right Hand 177-198: 
Brad Grounds/ Tim Allmeyer/ Jeff Lack/ Tracy Richter

Men's Novice Right Hand 199+: 
Blaine Middleton/ Eric Brown/ Jaime Payne/ Michael Drew

Men's Left Hand 0-154: 
Jeremy Plaster

Men's Left Hand 155-176: 
Rick Schneider/ Jeremy Plaster/ Bob Schrag/ D.J. Lucas

Men's Left Hand 177-198: 
John Wilson/ Sterling Miles/ Pat Beare/ Chris Anderson

Men's Left Hand 199-242: 
Scott Fleming/ Dennis Farrance/ Mike Sleeper

Men's Left Hand 243+: 
Don Underwood/ Matthew Taylor

Ladies Right Hand Open: 
Dalia Medziausyte

Men's Right Hand 0-132: 
Luke Stanley/ Nick Kingsbury

Men's Right Hand 133-154: 
Kyle Kastanas/ Dan Stroud/ Luke Stanley/ Neil Tobuick

Men's Right Hand 155-176: 
Omer Bennurkan/ Shawn Dempsey/ Rick Schneider/ Bob Schrag

Men's Right Hand 177-198: 
John Wilson/ Sterling Miles/ Eric Brown/ Chris Anderson

Men's Right Hand 199-242: 
Don Fritsche/ Gledrius Jucevicius/ Chris Anderson/ Dennis Farrance

Men's Right Hand 243+: 
Britton Matthews/ Michael Drew/ Don Underwood/ Dennis Farrance

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Rick Schneider

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: Omer Bennurkan

Ladies Overall Champion: Dalia Medziausyte

Best Sportsman Award: Tracy Richter



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