2002 Mid South Regional
Armwrestling Championship results



Boys ages 8-10                                                Girls ages 8-10

1st- Clayton Lester                                            1st-Ashley Oller

2nd- Shawn Terry                                              2nd-Phyllis McPherson

                                                                           3rd-Cheyenne Lester


Girls ages 11-13

1st-Leah Lewis

Boys ages 14-17 Light Weight   

1st-Eric Johnson

2nd-Sha Sha Bugaj      



Boys 14-17 Heavy Weight                    

1st-Matt Hinton

2nd-Owen Mefford

3rd-Sha Sha Bugaj

Men's Novice Right 0-176                               Men's Novice Right 177 & Up

1st-Jamie Owen                                               1st-Jamie Owen

2nd-Travis Cole, Jr.                                           2nd-Damien Harding

3rd-Luke Haynes                                              3rd-Greg McGill

Men's Novice Left 0-176                               Men's Novice Left 177 & Up

1st-Jamie Owen                                               1st-Ricky Cantrell

2nd-Luke Haynes                                             2nd-Charles Lester

3rd-Chris Braswell                                            3rd-Damien Harding

Men's Open Right 0-154                               Men's Open Left 0-154

1st-Ricky Cantrell                                             1st-Ricky Cantrell

2nd-Danny McNeil                                            2nd-Luke Haynes

3rd-Chris Braswell

Men's Open Right 155-176                               Men's Open Right 155-176

1st-Ricky Cantrell                                             1st-Ricky Cantrell

2nd-Ben Hill                                                     2nd-Terry Maurer

3rd-Travis Cole, Jr.                                            3rd-Jamie Owen

Men's Open Right 177-198                               Men's Open Left 177-198

1st-James Smith                                              1st-James Smith

2nd-Jamie Tolland                                            2nd-Brian McPherson

3rd-Brian McPherson                                        3rd-Luke Haynes

Men's Open Right 199 & Up                           Men's Open Left 199 & Up

1st-Michael Todd                                              1st-Michael Todd

2nd-Jim Bob Elliott                                           2nd-Jim Bob Elliott

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj                                           3rd-Charles Lester

Ladies Open Right-Open

1st-Cody Livergood 

2nd-Penny Terry

3rd-Tonys Wood

Men's Masters Open Right-Open                   Men's Masters Open Left-Open

1st-Samuel Sherman                                        1st-Rick Peters

2nd-Brian McPherson                                       2nd-Brian McPherson

3rd-Zbigniew Bugaj                                           3rd-Charles Lester


Overall Right and Left-Michael Todd



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