Results of the 3rd Annual 
Mermaid Festival Armwrestling Tournament 
June 22, 2002 at North Webster, In.

Amateur Right:

0-165 1st place Tomas Guntorius, 2nd place Mike Conley
166-187 1st place Matt Mast, 2nd place Scott Mast
188-199 1st place Dalius Sevicillis, 2nd place Scott Mast
200+over 1st place Arturas Lukauskis, 2nd place Steve Sattlefield

Pro Left:

0-176 1st Tetraz Tamayev, 2nd place Willie "Kid Rock" Reagan
176+over 1st place Sigitas Paliskis, 2nd place Scott Mast

Pro Right:

0-143 1st Boomer Reagan, 2nd Scott Ballinger
144-165 1st Tetraz Tamayen, 2nd Konstantinas Archipovas
166-187 1st Brian Burgan, 2nd Scott Mast
188-199 Uncontested
200+over 1st Dave Hopkins, 2nd Arturas Lukauskis

Thanks to all competitors that showed up to pull as it was a great turn out and with great competition.

 Roger Rocket Taylor  



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