Who's the Man Tournament Results

Men's Novice 0-176 Right
1st- Ben Hill    2nd- Matthew Smith    3rd-Steve Noble

Men's Novice 177 & Up Right
1st- Jeremiah Gray  2nd- Drake Butler   3rd-Matt Higgins

Men's Novice 0-176 Left
1st- Matthew Smith   2nd- Steve Noble   3rd- Eddy Higgins

Men's Novice 177 & Up Left
1st-Jeremiah Gray   2nd-Rick Peters   3rd- Jim Dimmitt

Men's Novice Overall- Jeremiah Gray

Men's Open Right 0-154
1st-Ben Hill   2nd-Mark Curtis   3rd-Terry Maurer

Men's Open Right 155-176
1st-Donald Ray  2nd-Ben Hill   3rd-Matthew Smith

Men's Open Right 177-198
1st-Michael Todd   2nd- Steve Noble   3rd-Josh Harvell

Men's Open Right 199-220
1st- Michael Todd   2nd-Jim Dimmitt   3rd-Jon Davis

Men's Open Right 221 & Up
1st-Michael Todd    2nd-Jim Dimmitt   3rd-Rick Peters

Men's Open Overall Right- Michael Todd

Men's Open 0-154 Left
1st-Eddy Higgins   2nd-Terry Maurer   3rd-Mark Curtis

Men's Open 155-176 Left
1st-Matthew Smith  2nd-Steve Noble    3rd-Joe Oller

Men's Open 177-198 Left
1st-Michael Todd   2nd-Terry Maurer   3rd-Josh Harvell

Men's Open 199 & Up Left
1st-Michael Todd   2nd-Jim Dimmitt   3rd-Rick Peters

Men's Overall Left-Michael Todd

Ladies' Open Right 0-121
1st-Tonya Wood   2nd-Terry Rhodes   3rd-Brandy Noble

Ladies' Open Right 122 & Up
1st-Tonya Wood   2nd-Amy Epley     3rd-Brandy Noble



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