CBS Late Show
David Letterman

Tuesday November 18, 2003

The winner was

Marcio Barboza

Marcio defeated John Brzenk
Marcio defeated Travis Bagent
Travis Bagent defeated Eric Woelfel


Photo by Sevan Matossian
After the match in front of Deli
Marcio Barboza, Eric Woelfel, John Brzenk, Travis Bagent and Dave Devoto


CBS Late Show with David Letterman


Many thanks to Gene Camp, Ray Darling, and Chris Myers who were standing by to referee or compete in the possibility there were appearance problems.  The room in the deli was so small we had to use only one referee, Leonard Harkless.  I was to personally introduce the champion pullers and explain the organization of our sport in America.   That too was eliminated.  It didn't turn out to be the event we had hoped for but publicity for our sport is always beneficial.  Thanks to all that helped.  

Due to the number of email messages I received asking how the particular pullers were chosen I offer this explanation.  I chose Travis and David Randall to represent the AAA because they were the tops in their weight class in the last major AAA tournament.   David phoned me on 11-17-03 to cancel due to family illness.  John and Eric are basically USA pullers although Eric was named AAA athlete of the year at one time.  Marcio isn't a citizen but an outstanding puller who represents Brazil and adds a lot of color and talent.

If there are any other question please call or email at the address and phone number below.

Dave Devoto



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