5th Annual Bikers 
World Armwrestling Championship

River Palms Casino - Laughlin, Nevada - April 27th


Men's Masters Right Hand 0-165: Ken Curtzwiler/ Greg Reynolds/ Will Johnson

Men's Masters Right Hand 166-198: John Burgeson/ Pat Ward

Men's Masters Right Hand 199+: Bob Dillon/ Bill Milam/ Marc Bain/ Dwaine Adams

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Victoria Perry/ Vickie Bennett

Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Jennifer Kirk/ Lee Ann Romeo-Orlan/ Lori Hansen/ Amanda Clifton

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Lori Suess/ Sheri Clifton/ Pamela Way

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Ken Curtzwiler

Men's Left Hand 155-176: Ken Curtzwiler

Men's Left Hand 177-198: Scott Partington/ John Bodnar/ Willkiam Adkins/ Sal Espindola

Men's Left Hand 199+: Jon Land/ Brian Bylbie/ Ryan Constantino/ Sal Espindola

Men's Right Hand 0-154: Jason Shook/ Erci Andasola/ Ken Curtzwiler/ Bobby Dyer

Men's Right Hand 155-176: Ken Curtzwiler/ Shane Wilson

Men's Right Hand 177-198: Scott Parttington/ Pat Ward/ Sal Espindola/ Mark Suiter

Men's Right Hand 199-242: Jon Land/ Brian Bylbie/ Hector Garcia

Men's Right Hand 243+: Jon Land/ Brian Bylbie/ Bob Dillon/ Cordell Putnam

Men's Right Overall Champion: Jon Land

Men's Left Overall Champion:  Jon Land



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