1997 Kansas State Armwrestling Championships

Bonner Springs, Kansas

by Denise Wattles


Andreas Rundstrom a name on the lips of all those who had witnessed his domination of the 165 lb. class at the Yukon Jack tournament in 1996. Also a name on the lips of all those participating and watching the 1997 Kansas State Armwrestling Championships at Kobi's in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Both Andreas and his teammate Anders Karlsson from Sweden attended this tournament giving it an International flair and it was a thrill for all. NO surprise to anyone, Andreas went home with 1st place trophies and polo shirts in the Right 155-176 lb. and the 177-198 lb. classes. Anders competed left & right handed and took 1st place in the left 177-198# class and a 2nd place, behind Brian Stevenson of Omaha, Nebraska in the 155-176# class. Brian Stevenson is an exceptional armwrestler whom I had never had the opportunity to meet until this tournament. I had heard about him from many mutual friends and they hadn't under estimated his ability. He made the left hand classes look much easier than they actually were. He also forced Tim Clem, another great armwrestler, to take 2nd place finishes behind him, both right & left handed in the 0-154# classes. Many local competitors participated in this State Tournament which will be an annual event. A great time was had by all and I expect to see many of the same participants at the 1997 Missouri State Arnwrestling championships in Farley, Missouri on August 23, l997. There are bi-monthly practices and these "local" armwrestlers are getting very good at the competitions. The armwrestlers from out of the area are learning not to take any of them for granted because it could cost them a match. The tournament in Farley is the 3rd Annual Missouri state Championships and we expect an even larger turnout in 1997. A professional tournament that was held by the United States Armwrestling Assn. in Columbia, Mo. in March 1997 opened the eyes of many new armwrestlers and the Right Hand Overall Champion in that tournament, Engin Terzi from Turkey, was paid $300 to attend the tournament 8/23. After the tournament many of the competitors and some of the spectators had the opportunity to wrestle and talk with Anders and Andreas and both men are true sportsman. Their knowledge and experience encouraged many new armwrestlers. The sponsorship from Kobi's and Miller Lite at the 1997 Kansas state Armwrestling championships made this tournament a huge success, one that will be repeated in 1998.


1997 Kansas State Armwrestling Championships

Kobi's - Bonner Springs, Kansas

Men's Novice Rt. 155-176:Vincent Washington, Lvn., Ks./Mike Flood, Odessa, Mo./ Tim Hutsell, Lvn., Ks.

Men's Novice Rt. 177-198:Frank Davila K.C.,Ks./Tom Smith, Shawnee, Ks./ Steve Campbell, B.S., Ks.

Men's Left 0- I 54:Brian Stevenson, Omaha, Ne./Tim Clem, Shawnee, Ks.

Men's Left 155-176:Brian Stevenson, Omaha, Ne./Anders Karlsson, Sweden/ RaymondFeaster, B.S., Ks.

Men's Left 177-198: Anders Karlsson Sweden/David Shaddox, K.C., Mo./Jim Hanson, Lvn., Ks.

Men's Left 199+: Michael Ware, K.C., Mo./Steve Johnson, St.Joe, Mo./RichardAtteberry, Wakefield, Ks.

Ladies Rt. 0-143:Crystal Beasley, Columbia, Mo./Vicki Kobialka, B.S., Ks./DawnDahl, St.Joe., Mo.

Ladies Rt. 144+: Tina Brooke, Columbia, Mo./Debbie Nickel, St.Joe., Mo.

Men's Rt. 0-132: Billy Goracke, Leavenworth, Ks.

Men's Rt. 133-154:Brian Stevenson, Omaha, Ne./Tim Clem, Shawnee, Ks./Glen Brewer Bashor, Ks.

Men's Rt. 155-176:Andreas Rundstrom, Sweden/Anders Karlsson, Sweden/ Bill Roy, K.C., Ks.

Men's Rt. 177-198:Andreas Rundstrom, Sweden/Harley Macauley, K.C., Ks./ Terry Loftis, Leavenworth, Ks.

Men's Rt. 199-242:Steve Johnson, St.Joe, Mo./Heath Clark, Bonner Springs, Ks./ Rob Wilson, Lvn., Ks.

Men's Rt. 243+:Mchael Ware, K.C., Mo./Richard Atteberry, Wakefield, Ks./Troy Howald, Leavenworth, Ks.

Ladies Overall Champion: Tina Brooke, Columbia, Mo.

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Brian Stevenson, Omaha, Ne.

Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: Andreas Rundstrom, Sweden

Best Sportsmanship Award - David Holden, Leavenworth Ks.



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