September 2003 


          We have been real busy this month.  Between the upcoming World Championship in Canada and all the other tournaments.  In next months Newsletter I should have all the info on the Unifieds for 2004.  As for the World Championship there is a flyer posted on the tournament page with all the details, location, dates and Hotel accommodations.   This would be a good time to take a vacation and go to Canada for this Championship.  They are expecting 30 countries.  It would be a great experience and a learning tool, plus all the fellow armwrestlers you would meet. 



          9/6/03.   The New York Upstate Championship was held at the Scottish Inns & Suites in Schenectady.    Meet Director was John Ruggiero.   Referees were Benjie Dwyer, Jan Schmeichel & Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.        Results:   Menís Right Hand Open:    0-176.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   2. Scott Latella(NY).   3. Ed Riotte(CT).    177-198.   1. Ray Darling(NY).   2. Mike McGrath(NY).   3. Charlie Perron(NY).      199-220.    1. Ray Darling(NY).   2. Mike McGrath(NY).   3. Caine Valentine(NY).    221-242.   1. John Rufggiero(NY).   2. Mike Riotte(CT).    3. Caine Valentine(NY).   242-UP.  1. John Ruggiero(NY).   2. Garrett Rossetti(NY).   3. Caine Valentine(NY) 

Menís Right Hand Novice:      0-165.   1. Ed Morse(NY).   2. Tom DíOnofrio(NY).      166-198.   1. Phillip Warner(NY).   2. Aaron Cox(NY).   3. Kenny Vander Voot(NY).     199-UP.   1. Jason Otto(NY).   2. Mike Riotte(CT).    3. Jan Schmeichel(MA).     Menís Left:   0-176.   1. Ray Darling(NY).   2.  Ron Klemba(CT).   3. Jesse Vieira(MA).     177-UP.     

   1. John Ruggiero(NY).   2. Mike McGrath(NY).   3. Caine Valentine(NY).   Womenís Right Hand Open:    1. Tammy McGrath(NY).   2. Katie Bullock (NY).   3. Danielle Farfan(NY).         Menís Right & Left Hand Overall Winner was John Ruggiero. 


          9/13/03.    The Maine State Championship was held at Hootenannyís Nightclub in Sanford Maine.   Meet Director was Kurt Howgate.   Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Josh Stark, Victor Sargent & Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.    Results:   Menís Right Hand Open:   0-154.  1. Norm Devio(MA).   2. Ben Frenette(ME).   3. Joe Lagasse(RI).     155-176.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   3. Brendan Caron(ME).   3. Ed Riotte(CT).    177-198.   1. Josh Stark(CT).    2. Mike Connors(RI).   

3. Mark Begin(NH).   199-220.   1. Greg Curatola(ME).   2. Wayne Lapointe(ME).    3.  Timothy Harmon(ME).    221-UP.   1. Eric Guevin(ME)

2. Kurt Howgate(ME).   3. Brian Lapila(CT).     Menís Right Hand Novice: 

0-165.       1. Josh Ring(ME).   2. John Templin Jr(ME).   3. Jeff Burden(ME)

166-198.   1. Charlie Perron(MA).   2. Mike Connors(RI).   3. Mark Begin(NH).    199-UP.   1. Tim Bresnan(CT).   2. Robert Ligon(ME).   3. Chris Harmon(ME).    Menís Left Hand:   0-165.   1. Norm Devio(MA).  2.  Ben Frenette(ME).   3. Johm Templin Jr(ME).    166-198.   1. Darren Courtemarche(NH).   2. Josh Stark(CT).   3. Ed Riotte(CT).    199-UP.    1. Kurt Howgate(ME).   2. Brian Lapila(CT).   3. Arthur Drewes(NH).    Menís Masters.    0-198.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   2. Rick Brunelle(NH).   3. Terry Dotsie(ME).     199-UP.   1. Arthur Drewes(NH).   2. Harry Bean(NH).   3. Jan Schmeichel(MA).      Womenís Open:   0-143.   1. Mandy Peters(VT).   2. Valerie Beach(NH).   3. Priscilla Bean(NH).    144-UP.   1. Pagel Chase(ME).   2. Cindy Loony(CT).   3. Jennifer Coro(ME).   Menís Right Overall winner was Eric Guevin.   Menís Left Overall winner was Darren Courtemarche.   Womenís Overall winner was Pagel Chase.

          Next month I will have the results from the Pennsylvania State Championship held in Levittown, PA.   Also the results from the New Hampshire State Championship being held on 9/27/03 at the Paradise Beach Club on Weirs Beach in Laconia, NH. For more info on the NH event call Priscilla at 603-524-2640.   W e will also be sending out ballots for Armwrestler Of The Year next month.  Be sure to send it back before December 15th.



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