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September Newsletter


          This month we would like to focus on the Northeast Message Board ( ).  This message board has become the number one board anywhere for armwrestlers interested in good articles on armwrestling.  Training tips, practice sessions and super discussions concerning armwrestling.  As of late this board has attracted many armwrestlers from places like Poland, Sweden, Germany, England, Israel, Romania, Canada and many more.  All the members have a picture posted so that you know who you are talking to at all times.  There is a section for members profiles and private messages between members.  In order to become a member you must apply with the Board Administrator. There is info posted on the board and also on the Maine Armwrestling Site about joining.  This is the only Board I have ever seen where John Brzenk posts on a regular basis.  You really should check it out. 




The 4th Annual Maine State Championship

Held at Spectators Sports Bar

Sanford, ME.  9/18/04




 Menís Right Open


1.      Ben Frenette(ME).  2. Marc Gaeta(MA).  3. Bobby Shalon(VT).



1.      Ron Klemba(CT).  2. Brendan Caron(ME).  3. Steve Lareou(VT).



1.      Vic Sargent(CT).  2. Andy Ducharme(RI).  3. Chris Hill(ME).



1.      Kurt Howgate(ME).  2. Tim Blake(ME).  3. Arthur Drewes(NH).



1.      Eric Guevin(ME).  2. John Ruggeiro(NY).  3. Tim Bresnan(CT).


Menís Left


1.      Ben Frenette(ME).  2. Joe Lagasse(RI).  3. Steve Lareau(VT).



1.      Darren Courtemarche(NH).  2. Jesse Veira(MA). 3. Ron Klemba(CT)



1.      Kurt Howgate(ME).  2. Arthur Drewes(NH).  3. Andy Sorbere(ME).



1.      John Ruggeiro(NY).  2. Jason Howgate(ME).  3. Harry Bean(NH).


Menís Masters Right.


1.      Ron Klemba(CT).  2. Andy Ducharme(RI).  3. John Shotwell(MA).



1.      Harry Bean(NH).  2. Arthur Drewes(NH).  3. Jan Schmeichel(MA).


Menís Novice Right


1.      Scott Turex(ME).  2. James Blake(ME).  3. Artie Drewes(NH).



1.      Jean Daigel(CT).  2. Mark Peters(ME).  3. Joshua Johnson(ME).


Womenís Right Open


1.      Sue Fischer(PA).  2. Valerie Beech(NH).  3. Mandy Peters(VT).



1.      Pagel Chase(ME).  2. Pam Ducharme(RI).




1.      Jeremy Watchers.   2. Nicholas Young.   3. Daisy Blake.



1.      Justin StLaurent.   2. Harry Bean V.   3. Tega Martak.



1.      Andrew Sobileski.   2.  Regan Chase.   3.  Heather Howgate



1.      Jessie Brackett.   2. Ashlynn Sobileski.   3. Stephen Thayer.


Menís Right Open Overall:  Eric Guevin(ME).

Menís Right Masters Overall:  Harry Bean(NH).

Menís Right Novice Overall:   Scott Turex(ME).

Menís Left Overall:   Darren Courtemarche(NH).

Womenís Right Open Overall:  Pagel Chase(ME).


There were 64 Entries from 8 states.  Meet Director was Kurt Howgate.  Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Victor Sargent and Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.  Play by play was done by Kury Howgate.



Upcoming Events


          October 16.  The 5th Annual New Hampshire State Championship will be held at the Paradise Beach Club on 322 Lakeside Ave in Weirs Beach, NH.(603-366-2665).   There will be 17 weight classes for men & women plus 4 classes for kids & teens.  Trophies 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Overalls in each class.  Weigh in from 11am to 12:30pm. Starts at 1pm.  For more info call Priscilla at 603-524-2640.  Sanctioned Event.


          October 30.   The Connecticut Fall Classic as of last notice will be held at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, CT.  For more info call Josh at: 860-584-2267 or keep checking the IAF & Maine tournament pages for a flyer.


For all events outside the Northeast you need to check out the USA upcoming events pages.  They have the biggest list of events all over the World. (  Also check out Arm/Tv from Gary Roberts which is also on the USA site.  Largest store of videos from tournaments around the World.  This is another step into the future for armwrestling.



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