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November 2003


          I would like to take this time to wish all our members a Safe & Happy Holiday Season.   I also want to wish all the armwrestlers attending the 25th World Championship in Canada the very best of luck.   I am looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends there and also to make some new ones.  This being the 25th anniversary will certainly make this World Championship one to remember.  They are expecting 30 plus countries to attend.  For all that donít know the 1st World Championship was held in Canada.   I have known Rick & Lise Blanchard for about 14 years, they are running this years World Championship and I can tell you that they always run a first class tournament.  They are two of the nicest people in our sport.  Be sure and introduce yourself to them at the event. 

            I am sorry to have to announce that there will no longer be a tournament at the PA Fair.  The Fair after two years in a row with big losses have decided not to run the Fair in PA any more.  There will still be tournaments in PA run by our Co-Directors, Sue Fischer and Mike Ondrovic.   Check the tournament page and your newsletter for dates.  

           I hope to have some good news about unification between the two WAF organizations after the World Championship.  A lot of work has been done on behalf of unifying both organizations and all the armwrestlers  worldwide.   Hopefully 2004 will be the year that we all come together under one banner,  World Armwrestling Federation.                                                        



          11/15/03.   The Cape Cod Invitational Armwrestling tournament was held at Smittyís Sports Pub in Pocasset, MA.    Results:   Menís Right Hand Open:   0-198.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   2. Craig Gonsalves(MA).   3. Bruce McKay(NH).    199-242.   1. Allen Stilkey(RI)

2.  Jeff Gonsalves(MA).   3. Charlie Perron(MA).   243-UP.   1. Eric Guevin(ME).   2. Duke Sarkisian(MA).   3. Kurt Howgate(ME).    Menís Left Hand:   0-176.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   2. Jesse Vieira(MA).   177-UP.

1. Kurt Howgate(ME).   2. Duke Sarkisian(MA).   3. Allen Stilkey(RI).   Menís Right Hand Novice:   0-165.   1. Rob Foley(MA).   2. Ed Morse(MA). 

166-198.   1. Hakiim Clay(MA).   2. James Watts(MA).   3. Trevor Suzor(MA).    199-242.   1. Chris Crumbo(VA).   2. Craig Gonsalves Jr(MA).   3. David Ayer(CT).    242-UP.   1. Jan Schmeichel(MA).   2. Jean Daigle(CT).     Womenís Right Hand Open:   1. Mandy Peters(VT).   2. Valerie Beach(NH).    Menís Open Overall winner was Eric Guevin(ME).   Menís Novice Overall winner was Chris Crumbo(VA).    Kids:   4/6yrs.  1. Martin Gonsalves.   2. Lauren Couto.   3. Bethany Couto.    7/9yrs.   1. Eric Shalhoub.   2. Justin StLaurent.   3. Kayla Thayer.    10/12yrs.   1.  Jessie Brackett.   2. Stephen Thayer.   3. Jen Easton.    Referees were Jan Schmeichel. Willie Hargrove,Norm Devio, Allen Stilkey and Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.   Smittyís plans on doing 3 or 4 tournaments a year. 

Upcoming Events

        December 1/5.   The 25th World Championship will be held in Ontario, Canada.  All info is posted on both the IAF and USA Sites plus the Canadian Site.

           1/24/04.   PA Winter Blast Armwrestling Tournament to be held at Bradyís Irish Pub at 2195 Galloway Rd in Bensalem, PA.   There will be 15 weight classes for men & women.   Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Sue @ 215- 943-7813.                                                               

          3/13/04.   The Canadian-American Armwrestling Challenge will be held in the Ballroom of the Holiday Inn on Rte 495 in Taunton, MA.  There will be 18 weight classes for men & women.   Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   Mensís Right Open, Menís Left, Menís Right Masters and Womenís Right Open.   Weigh-ins on 3/12/04 from 7-10pm. On 3/13/04 from 10am Ė1pm.   Starts at 2pm.  This event has become one of the top events around, so donít miss this year.   Special room rate of $99.00 per night.  For reservations call  508-823-0430 and ask for armwrestling rate.  Must make reservation by 3/1/04.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958  or e-mail me 

           More events will be posted as we receive them.   Donít forget to check the tournament page of the IAF & USA sites.



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