With the end of the year comes the results of the  Points Championship and everyones choice for Armwrestler Of The Year.  There is a Ballot attached to make your choice for Armwrestler of the Year.  Your vote only counts if you take the time to send it back.  You need to have them postmarked no later than December 10th, 2002.  


     The 2002  New Hampshire State Championship was held on 9/28/02 at the Backwater Bar & Grille in Laconia, NH.   Meet Directors were Harry & Priscilla Bean.  There were 67 entries plus 16 Kids from 8 states

Menís Right Open:  0-154.  1. Marc Gaeta(MA).  2. Richard Gravel(VT).   155-176.  1. Logan Miclette(CT).  2. Tom Blake(ME).  3. Jack Ditterick(PA).    177-198.  1. Josh Stark(CT).  2. Allen Stilkey(RI).  3. Tim Brown(NH).  199-220.  1. Jim Martel(NH).  2. Ronny Bean(NH).  3. Ron Ermini(CT).   221-UP.  1. John Ruggeiro(NY).  2. Kurt Howgate(ME).  3. Greg Curatola(ME).    Menís Masters Right.  0-176.  1. Marc Gaeta(MA).  2. John Shotwell(MA).   177-220.  1. Arthur Drews(NH).  2. Ron Klemba(CT).  3. Rick Brunell(NH).  221-UP.  1. Harry Bean(NH).  2. Greg Curatola(ME).  3. Jan Schmiechel. Menís Right Novice.   0-154.  1. Allen McGreedy.  2. Chris Golen.   155-176.  1. Brendan Caron.  2. Andy Hancock.   177-198.  1. Larry Deroche.  2. Keith Hussey.  3. Matthew Donofrio.  199-UP.  1. Ed Tessier.  2. Jan Schmeichel.  3. Kenneth Conroy.   Menís Left.  0-198.  1. Tim Brown(NH).  2. Logan Miclette(CT).  3. Allen Stilkey(RI).  199-UP.  1. John Ruggeiro(NY).  2. Kurt Howgate(ME).  3. Jim Martel(NH).    Kids.  4/6yrs.  1. Harry Bean IV.  2. Alex Gravel.  3. Riley Jones.   7/9yrs.  1. Heather Howgate.  2. Kyle Bjelf.  3. Eric Leroux.  10/12yrs.  1. Stephen Thayer.  2. Ashlyn Soboleski.  3. Jennifer Easton.  Overall Weinners:  Right Open.  Jim Martel(NH).  Right Novice.  Brendan Caron.  Menís Left. John Ruggerio(NY).  Menís Masters.  Harry Bean(NH).  Womenís Open.  Tricia Roy(NY). 


     We would like to take this time to wish all going to the World Championships in Illinois this month the  very best of Luck..  Would love to see US take the Team Championship.   All the results should be posted on the USA site:  shortly after the event is over.  I will get as much info as I can at the Worldís and publish them either next month or January. There will be some discussion about new weight classes and most important of all Unification and what we can do about making it happen. 


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