MAY 2001

            This month we have a couple of new State Directors to let you know about.  First are Jason & Kurt Howgate from Sanford, Maine.  They have only been around for a few years but they have made their presence known at tournaments.  They both pull in the supers and are always in the finals.   The next new State Director is Allen Stilkey from Riverside, Rhode Island.  Allen has been around longer than the Howgate brothers and has racked up an impressive list of wins in some top contest.  Both Allen & the Howgates are always willing to help someone with a problem. Also they strive to promote Armwrestling every chance they get.  Both have tournaments planned in the near future.  When you see them be sure to say congratulations.

            The pointís leaders as of May 1st are as follows:  1st. Allen Stilkey 2nd. Josh Stark. 3rd. Jason Howgate. 4th Kurt Howgate. 5th. Priscilla Bean. 6th. Julie Dykeman. 7th. Logan Miclette. 8th. Ron Ermini. 9th. Paul Maurais. 10th. Sylvie Maurais.  The difference between 1st & 2nd is 3 points as of right now.  Good luck to all for the rest of the year.


          April 28.  The 9th Annual White MT Championship was held at the Olde Timbermill Pub & Restaurant in Lincoln, NH.  There were 68 entries.  

Menís Right Open:  

0-154.  1st. Marc Gaeta(MA). 2nd. Tim Bushey(NH). 3rd. Ben Frenette(ME).  

155-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Tony Kaiser(CT).  

177-198.  1st. Tim Brown(NH). 2nd. David Brien(RI). 3rd. Mark Begin.  

199-220.  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Michael Shalhoub(MA). 3rd. Greg Curatola(ME).  

221-UP.  1st. Jason Howgate(ME. 2nd. Paul Maurais(VT). 3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME). 

Menís Left.  

0-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Richard Lapham(MA).  

177-UP.  1st. Paul Maurais(VT). 2nd. Allen Stilkey(RI). 3rd. Costa Chalpara(MA).  

Menís Right Novice.  

0-176.  1st. Neil Cayer.  2nd. Brandon Caron. 3rd. Ron Royston.   

177-198.  1st. Chet Gordon. 2nd. Eric Bucaria(MA).  

199-UP.  1st. Jason Buchanon. 2nd. Chuck Bussell(ME). 3rd. Brian Lapila(CT).  

Womenís Right.  

0-132.  1st. Kim Lapham(MA). 2nd. Sylvie Maurais(VT). 3rd. Celine Brien(RI).  

133-UP.  1st. Bridget Anderson(NH). 2nd. Arlene Sargent(CT). 3rd. Julie Dykeman(ME).   

Menís Open Overall winner was Jason Howgate(ME).  

Menís Novice Overall winner was Jason Buchanon.   There were 6 states represented

Refereeís were Badger Drews, Tim Sears & Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.


          May 19.  The 17th Annual Cape Cod Invitational Championship was held at the Mill Hill Club in W. Yarmouth, MA.  

 Menís Right Open.  

0-176.  1st. Jim Witt(MA). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Josh Stark(CT).  

177-198.  1st. Jeff Gerimia(CT). 2nd. Josh Stark(CT). 3rd. Bruce Court(MA).  

199-220.  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Rick Couto(MA). 3rd. Greg Curatola(ME).  

221-UP.  1st. Jerry Cadorette(MA). 2nd. Eric Guevin(ME). 3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME).   

Menís Right Novice.  

0-176.  1st. William Young Jr(MA). 2nd. Zachary Martel(MA). 3rd. Ralph Petrazolli(MA)

177-198.     1st. Jeff Gerimia(CT). 2nd. Eric Bucaria(MA). 3rd. Chris Wright(MA). 

 199-UP. 1st. Jeff Gerimia(CT). 2nd. Brian lapila(CT). 3rd
Bob Thresher(MA).  Menís Left. 

 0-165.  1st. Logan Miclette(CT). 2nd. James Retarides(CT). 3rd. Ralph Petrazolli(MA).  

166-198.  1st. Bruce Court(MA). 2nd. Eric Bucaria(MA). 

 199-UP.  1st. Jason Howgate(ME). 2nd. Harry Bean(NH). 3rd. Allen Stilkey(RI).  

Kids Divisions:  7/9yrs. 1st. Andrew  Sobolinski. 2nd. Heather Smith. 3rd. Rachel Viera. 

 10/12yrs.  1st. Joel Hernandes. 2nd. Nick Court. 3rd. Ashley Solbolinski.  Teens: 1st. Eric Bucaria Jr.  

 Menís Open Overall winner was Jerry Cadorette. 

 Novice Overall winner was Jeff Gerimia.


          June 16.  The 3rd Annual Bikerís Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Rte 3 in Laconia, NH.  There will be 13 weight classes for men & women. Menís Right, Left and Right Masters. Womenís Right Open. Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

           July 14.  Maine State Championship to be held at the Mousam River Staekhouse on Riverside Ave in Sanford, ME.  Weigh-ins from 10am to 1pm.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  There will be 13 weight classes for men & women.  Must have parent or guardian present if under 21 years of age.  For more info & directions e-mail the Meet Directors, Kurt & Jason Howgate at or call Bill at 508-947-8958.

           August 4/5. 2001 USA Unified Nationals will be held at the AVI Casino & Hotel in Laughlin, NV.  Open classes will be on Saturday & the Masters & Grand Masters will be on Sunday.  Custom medals fir 1st thru 4th in all classess.  1st & 2nd place  will qualify to go to the Worldís Championship in Ploand. Free tee shirts to the 1st 200 entrants. Special room rate.  For reservations: 800-284-2846. For more info call Denise at 406-248-4508. Or 702-535-5555.  Come be a part of History.

           September 15.  The 2001 Rhode Island State Championship will be held at Stickyfingers on Douglas Ave in Providence, RI.   $3,600.00 in Cash Prizes. Etched Jade Crystal Trophies for Open classes(1st thru 3rd).  Novice will receive Plaques for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Overall trophy for Menís Right Open & Novice classes.  Proceeds will benefit the St Patricks Soup Kitchen in Providence. For info or directions call Allen at 401-433-4301.

Bill Cox



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