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March Newsletter


           It is with great sorrow that I have to report the loss of a Legend in Armwrestling.  Sue Patton the Godmother of Armwrestling passed away on March 21st.  For those of you that don’t remember Sue she has been involved in armwrestling for about 25 years.  At one time she was a Board Director for the AAA.  She also ran some of the biggest and best tournaments the country has ever seen.  Her Atlantic Coast Championship drew the top competitors from all over the country plus many top names from Canada.  Both her sons competed and her son Dave has won just about every award there was to win.  Sue was always there for the new puller, she would listen to their questions and always try to help.  I am proud to say that I was friends with Sue for 20 years.  Armwrestling will greatly miss this grand lady.  All our prayers go out to her family.


2005 Canadian American Championship 

March 5, 2005


Men’s Right Open



 1. Norm Devio(MA) 2. Joe Lagasse(RI) 3. Bobby Sholon(VT)



 1. Ron Klemba(CT) 2. John Vinikoor(PA) 3. Marc Orpallo(NJ)



1. Chris Myers(NY) 2. Robert Vigeant Jr(NH) 3. Tim Brown(NH)



1. Jim Bryan(NJ) 2. Rob Sasso(NY) 3. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA)



 1. Allen Stilkey(RI) 2. Guy Lasorsa(MA) 3. Kurt Howgate(ME)



1. Peter Milano(CT) 2. Tim Bresnan(CT) 3. Eric Guevin(ME)


Men’s Left



 1. Joe Lagasse(RI) 2. Benji Dwyer(NY) 3. Norm Devio(MA)



1. Ron Klemba(CT) 2. John Vinikoor(PA) 3. Marc Orpallo(NJ).



 Darren Courtemarche(NH) 2. Josh Stark(CT) 3. Ron Ermini(CT)



 1. Jim Bryan(NJ) 2. Rob Sasso(NY) 3. Allen Stilkey(RI)



1. Rob Bigwood(NJ) 2. Kurt Howgate(ME) 3. Reggie Ward(CT)


Men’s Right Masters



 Ron Klemba(CT)



 1. Mike Ondrovic(PA) 2. Ron Klemba(CT) 3. Rick Brunell(NH)



 1. Bill Cheetham(MA) 2. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA) 3. Rick Brunell(NH)


Women’s Right



 1. Sue Fischer(PA) 2. Jessalynn Gillett(VT) 3. Valerie Beach(NH)



 1. Arlene Pfieffer(NJ) 2. Heather Pembrook(VT) 3. Michelle Walters(PA)



 1. Danya Baker(CT) 2. Cindy Looney(CT) 3. Brenda Bryan(NJ)


Men’s Open Overall Winner:: Peter Milano(CT)


Men’s Left Overall Winner:: Jim Bryan(NJ)


Men’s Right Master Overall Winner:: Bill Cheetham(MA)


Women’s Right Overall Winner:: Danya Baker


There were 147 entries from 9 states. Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Dale Urbank, Chris Gangi, Logan Miclette & Bill Cox. Brackets were done by Gerry Cox.



Upcoming Events


          April 10.   Charity Armwrestling Tournament to be held at the Knights of Columbus in Claremont, NH.  This event is to help a young child with Leukemia.  All proceeds go to the family.  Men & Women’s right & left hand classes.  For more info call 603-826-5878 or 603-542-2451.


          April 23.   The White Mountain Championship will be held in the Italian Garden Restaurant, located in the Mill at Loon Mt.  Weigh ins will be held at the Rivergreen Resort located behind the Mill.  Weigh ins are on Friday night from 7pm till 10pm and on Saturday from 10am till 1pm.  Special room rates at the Rivergreen Resort will be $61.36 per night including tax.  There will be 14 weight classes for men & women.  For reservations call 800-654-6182  or for more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.  Sanctioned Event.



            May 21.  Tournament in Sanford, ME.  Flyer will be posted soon on the Maine & the IAF sites.    Sanctioned Event



            May 28.    The Delaware Valley Strongarm Challenge will be held at the PA Fair in Bensalem, PA.   Men’s right & left hand open, men’s right hand novice and women’s right hand open.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   Sanctioned Event


Places To Train


            We have added a section on the IAF site which list places to train.  If you are new to armwrestling or to an area or your are traveling for work or vacation this page will help you find pullers and a place to train in different areas.  If anyone has a place for training and would like to be added to the list just go to the page and fill out the form provided there.  Hope this helps.



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