JUNE 2003

          Last months Newsletter informed everyone about our new State Director in Pennsylvania.  Well now we have a Co-Director for PA.  It is Mike Ondrovic.  Most of you already know Mike as he has been around the sport for about 20 years.  He is a competitor and a Promoter.  Always willing to lend a hand with any tournament or a helpful tip to new pullers.  Mike is from the Allentown area of PA.  He runs a yearly event at the Allentown Sportsfest that will now be run as an IAF event.  I am sure that between Mike and Susan Fischer things will continue to grow in Pennsylvania.  Be sure to introduce yourself to both of these people when you see them. 



          The 5th Annual Bikers Challenge was held at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Laconia, NH on June 6th.   There were 52 entries from 6 states.   Results:    Men's Right Hand Open    0-154.   1. Ben Frenette(ME).   2. Joe Lagasse(NH).   3. Randy Gray(NH).       155-176.   1. Scott Chemoliski(CT).   2. Ron Klemba(CT).   3. Jack Dettrick(PA).           177-198.   1.  Bill Sinks(VT).   2. Josh Stark(CT).   3. Ron Ermini(CT).    199-220.   1. Allen Stilkey(RI).   2. Mike Ondrovic(PA).   3. Greg Curatola(ME).    221-UP.   1. Eric Guevin(ME).   2. Allen Stilkey(RI).   3. Kurt Howgate(ME).     Men's Left Hand.      0-165.   1. Ben Frenette(ME).   2. Jack Dettrick(PA).     166-198.   1. Bill Sinks(VT).   2. Tim Brown(NH).   3. Josh Stark(CT).   199-UP.   1. Kurt Howgate(ME).   2. Allen Stilkey(RI).   3. Eric Guevin(ME).   Men's Right Masters     0-198.   1. Ron Klemba(CT).   2. Ben Frenette(ME).   3. John Shotwell(MA).    199-UP.                                                   

1.     Harry Bean(NH).   2. Mike Ondrovic(PA).   3. Greg Curatola(ME).   Referees were Tim Sears, Josh Stark, Allen Stilkey and Bill Cox.  Bracketts done by Gerry Cox.



         July 12.    Allentown Sportsfest will be the site for the PA Armwrestling Championship.  To be held at 3000 Parkway Blvd in the  Cedar Beach Park in Allentown, PA.  There will be 9 weight classes for men & women.  Weigh-ins from 11:30am till 1:30Ppm.  Starts at 2pm.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   For more info or directions call Mike at 610-434-4353  or e-mail  (

            August 2/3.   The 2003 Unified Nationals will be held at the Holiday Inn located at the airport in Little Rock, Arkansas.   August 2 will be for all Open Classes.   August 3 will be for Masters & Grandmasters.   This is the only qualifier for the World Championship in Canada in December.   Awards for 1st thru 4th in all classes.  Plus it will also be a qualifier for the Arnold Invitational Tournament.  Weigh-ins on August 1 from 7-10pm  and August 2 from 10am till noon.   Special room rates:  Holiday Inn Airport($79.00)501-490-1000.   Holiday Inn Express($69.00)501-490-4000.  This event is sponsored by the Little Rock Convention Bureau.  For more info: 406-245-1560, 501-882-6369 or 406-248-4508.    Free Airport Shuttle.    Free Tee-Shirt to the 1st 200 entries.   The World Championships will be in Ontario, Canada from December 2nd thru the 7th

            August 9.   The 10th Annual Budweiser Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Elk’s Pavilion on Rte 152 in Attleboro, MA.  There will be 14 weight classes for men & women plus 3 classes for kids.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.   Weigh-ins from 11:30 till 1pm. There will also be a Carnival, Barbecue and Dance Band.  A fun filled day for the whole family.   For more info: 508-947-8958.

           August 23.   The 3rd Annual CT State Championship.  Location and more info to follow on the IAF tournament page and next months Newsletter.

            Sept 13.   The 3rd Annual Maine State Championship will be held at Hootenannys Nightclub on Rte 109 in Sanford,ME.  Double column Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  More info to follow or call Kurt At 207-459-7989 or e-mail him at (

            September 27.   The New Hampshire State Championship.  Will have more on this next month, or you can check for it on the IAF tournament page.

            October 25.   The 4th Annual Fall Classic Championship.  Also more on this next month or check the IAF tournament page from time to time.

We have posted a new poll on the events/links page concerning the World Championships.  Check it out and be sure to vote.

Bill Cox, President



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