2004 High Plains Pro/Am Armwrestling Championships
County Seat Saloon,
Kiowa, CO.
Presented by Colorado Armsports
July 10, 2004
Total entries: 86

Boys/Girls 0-4 - Cesar Ruiz/ Samantha Tardif/ Kody Girdner/ Sabrina Tardif.
Boys/Girls 5-6 -
Juan Antonio Ruiz/ Cesar Ruiz.
Boys 7-9 -
Jacob Saunders/ Bobby Ruiz/ Brady Balderston/ Bryce Stark.
Girls 7-9 -
Jessica Jorgenson/ Tyler Simpson.
Boys 10-12 -
Jesse Moreland/ Mitch Williams/ Matthew Rivera/ Zack Shutz.
Girls 10-12 - Kelley Russell.
Boys 13-15 - Gunnar Russell.
Girls 13-15 - Meisha Brown/ Kelley Russell.
Boys 16-18 - Ron Severin/ Gunnar Russell/ Rene Rivera.
Girls 16-18 - No entries.

Men's Amateur Right 0-154 - Corey Miller/ Rick Kelly/ Scott Huston/ Zack Kegley.
Men's Amateur Right 155-176 - Keith Powers/ Corey Miller/ Scott Huston/ Tracey Allen.
Men's Amateur Right 177-198 - Gaylon Russell/ Russ Stark/ Mark Clay/ Hersh Chaitin.
Men's Amateur Right 199-242 - Trulane Vannatta/ Shawn Bright/ Dave Franklin/ Glen Lancaster.
Men's Amateur Right 243+ - Travis Berggren/ Oscar Garcia.

Men's Amateur Left 0-154 - Corey Miller/ Rick Kelly/ Dakota Gundy.
Men's Amateur Left 155-176 - Corey Miller/ Rick Kelly.
Men's Amateur Left 177-198 - Keith Powers/ Russ Stark/ Hersh Chaitin.
Men's Amateur Left 199-242 - Dave Franklin/ Glen Lancaster.
Men's Amateur Left 243+ - No entries.

Men's Pro Right 0-176 - Chris Chandler/ Emlyn Williams/ Jeff Ames/ Shiloh Dolgan.
Men's Pro Right 177-198 - Emlyn Williams/ Chris Chandler/ Dean Sain/ Jeff Ames.
Men's Pro Right 199+ - Matt Girdner/ Dean Sain/ Oscar Garcia.

Men's Pro Left 0-176 - Emlyn Williams/ Chris Chandler/ Jeff Ames.
Men's Pro Left 177-198 - Rich Simpson/ Chris Chandler/ Dean Sain/ Jeff Ames.
Men's Pro Left 199+ - Brad Balderston/ Rich Simpson/ Dean Sain/ Dave Franklin.

Women's Open Right 0-126 - Delite Chandler/ Ashley Maron/ Kristen Goldberg.
Women's Open Right 127-143 - No entries.
Women's Open Right 144+ - Christine Russell/ Estella Lancaster.

Match of the Day -
Meisha Brown and Kelley Russell.
Best Sportsmanship -
Zack Shutz.
Men's Right Overall & Winner of Surround Sound System - Matt Girdner.
Men's Left Overall & Winner of Coors Light Golf Bag - Keith Powers.
Women's Right Overall & Winner of $100 and Aveda Gift Basket-Christine Russell.



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