United States ArmSports 2001

USA is an umbrella organization representing armwrestling organizations and events in the United States of America. ArmSports is a relatively new term encompassing the ancient sport known as Armwrestling, Arm Wrestling, Arm-Wrestling,  Wristwrestling, Indian wrestling etc.  We have schedules for armwrestling competition throughout the United States and other countries which are open to all athletes wishing to enter.  United States ArmSports is the only American armwrestling organization recognized by the World Armsport Federation.



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"Mr. Harley"
Kevin Bongard
Way to go Kevin!
(photo by Denise Wattles)

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New Category  Older armwrestling Tournament results, stories and pictures


          More 2001 National Pro-Am pictures and more to follow  
2001 National Pro-Am results  
National Pro-Am pictures page one  
National Pro-Am pictures page two (more to follow)  
Unified National Armwrestling Championship  

Harley Pull Pictures
Ask John Brzenk (page one)
             Ask John Brzenk (page two) Updated 5-10-01-01      
Announcement #2 from The Pakistan Federation Of Armwrestling
An announcement from The Pakistan Federation Of Armwrestling
Lumber Jubilee Armwrestling
Letter to the editor from former AAA Director 
May 19th - New York State Armwrestling Championship                
Harley Pull Results
Fourth Annual Bikers World Armwrestling Championship Results
Fourth Annual Bikers World Armwrestling Championship Pictures  
    Bikers World Armwrestling Championship
New York Televised tournament
          Unified National Armwrestling Championship  
Canadian National  Armwrestling Championship
Oregon State Armwrestling Championship Results
          Southwest  Armwrestling Championship Results                
International Armwrestling Federation Newsletter for March 
Central California Armwrestling
Tournament of Champions  Armwrestling Results                  
          Pennsylvania State Armwrestling Championship Results     
Australian Armwrestling Federation formed           
California State Armwrestling Pictures
California State Armwrestling Championship Results
Colorado State Armwrestling Championship Results
          Alaska State Wristwrestling Championship Results
          St. Petersburg Armwrestling
Canadian Armwrestling in Calgary       
Invitation to Poland's  Invitational Armwrestling Tournament          

  Norway's exciting tournament on cruise ship 
European Armwrestling Federation schedule 2001 (update Feb 4, 2001) 
Meet Neil Pickup from England 
Unification Message from WAF General Secretary Willy Deneumostier 
European Armwrestling Federation schedule 2001 
International Armwrestling Federation Newsletter for January 
Canadian 2nd Annual First Nation Winter Celebration Tournament Results 
Reno Reunion Results 
British Armwrestling New Year Cup Results 
Unification message from WAF President Fred Roy 
Meet the Kanai Brothers from Japan 
Thank You 
          Russian Supermatch 
International Armwrestling Federation Newsletter for December 
North American Armwrestling Championship Results          
WAF 2000 Election Results 
Finland's Pro-Arm Open 
Meet Juilia Metkulova 
North American Armwrestling Championship (updated 12-2-00)
          Harley Pull 2001 
             International Armwrestling Federation Newsletter for November      
2001 European Armwrestling Schedule and WAF 2001           

          Pictures of WAF Championship
from Finland site          
          Team Standings and medal standings from XXI WAF World Championship 
Results from XXI WAF World Championship 
International Armwrestling Federation Newsletter for October          
Bulgaria National Armwrestling Championship  
          World's Wristwrestling Championship Pictures page one    
          World's Wristwrestling Championship Pictures page two  
       Results of the World's Wristwrestling Championship     
World's Wristwrestling Championship reviewed on Bryant Gumbel show              
World's Wristwrestling Championship (World's oldest annual armwrestling tournament))  
                   (update 10-4-00 with Friday night weigh-in location and schedule) 

Report from WAF President Fred Roy
WAF President Fred Roy with information on WAF championship         
          Oklahoma State Armwrestling Championship Results          
Texas State Armwrestling Championship Results
          Missouri State Armwrestling Championship Results
          Meet Ray Darling
2000 Canadian National Championship Results
          Karen Cooley and John Brzenk star in exhibition     
Russian Open St. Petersburg Armwrestling
World Armsport Federation Championship 2000
The incredible Jason Vale on National TV (update)
          Results Rochefort Belgium 2000
          Unified National Armwrestling Championship Results

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