“Harley Pull”

Sponsored in part by Napoleon Harley Davidson

Tournament Director - Mike Bowling

Many thanks to Mike for a great tournament

Member of United States ArmSports (USA)

2002 Best of the Midwest "Harley Pull"

Ramada Inn - Montpelier, Ohio

Tournament Director - Mike Bowling

Men's Amateur Right Hand 0-154:
Kenneth Larson/ Drew Schang/ Willie Reagan II/ Ben Norman

Men's Amateur Right Hand 155-176: 
Joe Archer/ Eric Baldino/ Jeremy Perez/ Scott Mast

Men's Amateur Right Hand 177-198: 
To Be Posted Soon

Men's Amateur Right Hand 199-242: 
Mike Libretto/ Dave Hopkins/ Jeff Hellard/ Tom Spencer Sr.

Men's Amateur Right Hand 243+: 
Pete Wabuda/ Mark Cooper/ Billy Kirk/ Jeff Huber

Men's Amateur Left Hand 0-154: 
John Martinez/ Willie Reagan II/ Ben Norman/ Bill Long

Men's Amateur Left Hand 155-176: 
Tom Spencer/ Eric Baldino/ Joe Archer/ Mike Lance

Men's Amateur Left Hand 177-198:
Saul Rakauskas/ Steve Shoemaker/ Roman Dubininkas/ Jarred Ziegler

Men's Amateur Left Hand 199+: 
Billy Kirk/ Jeff Huber/ Mike Libretto/ Bill Nelson

Ladies Pro Right Hand 0-143: 
Donna Long/ Erika Adams/ Cindy Spencer

Ladies Pro Right Hand 144+: 
Dalia Medziausyte/ Laima Janutiene/ Heather McSherry/ Crystal Crass

Men's Pro Left Hand 0-154: 
Craig Tullier/ R.J. Molinere/ Fernando Ferreier/ Alex Jigalko

Men's Pro Left Hand 155-176: 
Kenny Hughes/ Bill Ballinger/ Rich Martinez/ Bob Sawick

Men's Pro Left Hand 177-198: 
John Brzenk/ Gerold Dees/ David George/ Byron Royer

Men's Pro Left Hand 199+: 
Christian Binnie/ Eric Woelfel/ Ron Bath/ Marcio Barbosa

Men's Pro Right Hand 0-154: 
R.J. Molinere/ Craig Tullier/ Olin Lucas/ Marvin Berry

Men's Pro Right Hand 155-176: 
Denis Dubreuil/ Cobra Rhodes/ Kenny Hughes/ Rich Martinez

Men's Pro Right Hand177-198: 
John Brzenk/ Robert Ziegler/ Art Ebeling/ Ray Darling

Men's Pro Right Hand 199-242: 
Ron Bath/ Travis Bagent/ Bill Brzenk/  Paul Walthers

Men's Pro Right Hand 243+: 
Eric Woelfel/ Mike Bowling/ Kevin Bongard/ Earl Wilson

Men's Left Hand Overall: 
John Brzenk/ Christian Binnie/ Bill Ballinger/ Kenny Hughes

Men's Right Hand Overall: 
Ron Bath/ John Brzenk/ Denis Dubreuil/ Mike Bowling

Best Sportsmanship Award: 
Denis Dubreuil

2002 Harley Davidson Winner - Denis Dubreuil



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