Thanks to Denise Wattles and Leonard Harkless for telephone report 

April 20, 2002

Day one of the Harley Pull

First Key goes to John Brzenk

First day results are as follows: 

Menís Pro Left Hand 0-154:

Craig Tullier
RJ Moliner
Fernando Ferreier
Alex J

Menís Pro Left Hand 155-176:

Kenny Hughes
Bill Ballinger
Rich Martinez
Bob Sawick

Menís Pro Left Hand 177-198:

John Brzenk
Jerold Dees
David George
Byron Royer


Menís Pro Left Hand 199+:

Christian Binnie
Eric Woelfel
Ron Bath
Arcio Barbosa


Men's Pro Left Hand Overall

John Brzenk  
(First key winner)

Christian Binnnie
Bill Ballinger
Kenny Hughes

Ladies Pro Right Hand 0-143

Donna Long
Erika Adams
Cindy Spencer


Ladies Pro Right Hand 144+:

Dalia Medziausyte (Lithuania)
Laima (Lithuania)
Heather McSherry
Crystal Crass



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